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Emergency Response with Ziyan UAVs

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In the aftermath of natural disasters, communication, power, and transportation infrastructure in disaster-stricken areas may face complete disruption. Extreme scenarios, such as the loss of network and power, especially in complex terrains like mountainous or high-altitude regions, can lead to challenges such as unclear disaster situations and impaired coordination. These issues significantly impact decision-making and rescue operations.

Emergency response Ziyan unmanned aerial vehicles

To address data transmission challenges and meet the emergency communication needs of affected populations, the Falcon-10 unmanned helicopter, developed by Ziyan, can carry both an electro-optical payload and an emergency communication device into disaster areas. The Falcon-10’s outstanding performance at high altitudes allows it to operate effortlessly at elevations exceeding 5000 meters.

Emergency Communication and Data Transmission

The Falcon-10 efficiently addresses challenges posed by network and power loss in disaster-stricken areas, providing a reliable solution for seamless emergency communication and data transmission.

Ziyan UAV for emergency response

Maritime Emergency Search and Rescue

Ziyan’s Ranger P2X unmanned helicopter enhances rescue efficiency by swiftly responding to distress calls, conducting rapid searches, and providing real-time information with its advanced optical and thermal imaging capabilities. Its ability to carry emergency supplies, such as lifebuoys and first aid kits, contributes to a higher success rate in rescuing distressed individuals or vessels. 

Ziyan UAV emergency response

Power Emergency Repair and Restoration

In the event of damage to power lines due to earthquakes or natural disasters, the Ranger P2X unmanned helicopter overcomes ground transportation limitations. It conducts rapid inspections, collects high-resolution photos and videos using electro-optical payloads or LiDAR, and provides precise information to support quick power restoration.

Ziyan UAV

Wildfire Emergency Suppression

The Falcon-10’s high speed and payload capacity makes it an invaluable asset in firefighting missions. With a maximum flight speed of 36m/s, it can swiftly assess wildfire situations, aiding firefighting commanders in devising effective strategies and minimizing risks to ground personnel. The ability to carry payloads such as fire extinguishing bombs, loudspeakers, and lighting equipment significantly enhances firefighting efficiency and rescue capabilities.

Ziyan UAS wilfire emergency suppression

Additionally, Ziyan’s self-developed mobile landing and takeoff system allows unmanned helicopters to autonomously follow and land on moving vehicles or vessels, providing a versatile and efficient deployment solution for emergency scenarios.

As pioneers in the field of smart emergency response, Ziyan actively responds to the nation’s demand for building emergency rescue capabilities. By deepening applications and collaborating with emergency management agencies, professional rescue teams, and various stakeholders, Ziyan contributes to enhancing emergency response capabilities and efficiency. Through technological innovation, Ziyan strives to relieve the burden and improve the effectiveness of emergency response efforts, providing robust support for regions facing unforeseen events.

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