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3D Data Acquisition for Reservoir Completed with Multibeam Echosounder

In 2017, Hydro-Tech used its MS400 multibeam echosounder to carry out precise measurements of the evolution of underwater scour in key areas of the Longyangxia Reservoir, retrieving accurate, underwater, three-dimensional terrain data Feature Article by Hydro-Tech
3D Data Acquisition for Reservoir Completed with Multibeam Echosounder
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Hydro-Tech, a manufacturer of underwater and hydrographic survey equipment for USVs, has released a case-study diving into how its MS400 multibeam echosounder measured the Longyangxia Reservoir. Read more > >

The MS400 collected accurate, underwater, three-dimensional terrain data when surveying the progression of underwater scour in important regions of the Longyangxia Reservoir.

The 2017 study aimed to better detect the scouring and deposition of the Longyangxia Reservoir whilst verifying the performance of the MS400 domestic multibeam sounding system in large reservoirs.


Hydro-Tech state that the MS400 is simple to operate, and the complexity of its field is almost equivalent to that of a single beam, which makes it ideal for the requirements of mobile surveys such as rivers and reservoirs. The company attribute the MS400’s user-friendly operation to its integrated design and software.

Hydro-Tech detail how the data density and measurement accuracy far exceeded the expectations of the cooperative units in the study, with the experts and leaders of the units praising the performance and characteristics of the MS400 multibeam bathymetry system, as well as the measurement results of the Longyangxia Reservoir.

Additionally, when comparing the MS400 with imported first-line brand multibeam bathymetry systems, the study found that the accuracy and coverage efficiency of underwater terrain measurements were consistent, and the terrain details of all key locations were clearly reflected.

The Hydro-Tech case study goes on to explore:

  • Survey Implementation
  • Project Accomplishment
  • Case Study Summary

Read the full case study here >>

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