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Overview Radio Transmitters
By Technology Editor Last updated: October 20th, 2023

Radio Transmitters for Unmanned Vehicles

NETNode IP Mesh Radio Video Transmitter by DTC

NETNode IP Mesh Radio Video Transmitter by DTC

The flexibility of SDR transmitters allows them to be used for a wide range of UAV and unmanned systems missions and applications, including military and law enforcement surveillance, building and infrastructure surveying, aerial filming and imaging, and manned-unmanned teaming.

Drone Radio Transmitter Range

Long-distance UAV and UGV operation and communications require SDR transceivers with high RF transmit power and receive sensitivity. Mission requirements may include streaming HD video over tens of kilometres.

To minimise problems arising from interference, radio data links use features such as spectral scanning and automatic channel selection to maintain secure connection without sacrificing bandwidth.

The Rajant BreadCrumb® ME3 rugged wireless transmitter-receiver

The Rajant BreadCrumb® ME3 rugged wireless transmitter-receiver

SDR Transmitters & Mobile Mesh

Many SDR radio transmitters have the ability to create mobile mesh networks, which can be used to create communication links between multiple unmanned vehicles for applications such as drone swarming and multi-domain operations.

Mobile mesh technology provides a variety of advantages that increase robustness and communications ranges for drones and unmanned vehicles, including self-forming and self-healing network capabilities, multi-hop relay operations and multi-frequency redundancy.