Military Vehicle Systems Summit

Nov 30 - Dec 1, 2022
United States
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Key Details Dates: Nov 30 - Dec 1, 2022 Venue: Sunset Room, National Harbor, MD, United States
About Military Vehicle Systems Summit

Military vehicle modernisation has been identified as a key priority area for modernising capabilities for the warfighter, and military vehicle modernisation is a key to unlocking situational awareness, warfighter protection and lethality, and manoeuvrability on the battlefield. As we face a diverse array of threats in an era of strategic competition, the US military will need systems that promote operations across all domains, including the crucial land domain. The second annual Military Vehicle Systems Summit will discuss the advancement of current programs and lines of research and engineering that aim to design and deliver innovative, highly capable, mobile, agile, lethal, and protected military vehicle systems to ensure the warfighter is able to manoeuvre to a position of advantage on the battlefield.

Attendees at this event will have the opportunity to hear from innovators, engineers, decision makers, and key military officials on updates to current and future combat vehicle programs. This year’s event will explore opportunities to integrate emerging technologies such as AI and ML to automate military vehicles and increase combat power. Additionally, this event will address the growing move toward vehicle electrification with our panel’s discussion on ways to ensure clean, resilient sustained power for the fleet and realistic expectations and timelines for transitioning to hybrid and electric power. Join us at this year’s second Military Vehicle Systems Summit to network with senior leaders and contribute to discussions surrounding the modernisation of military vehicles and vehicle systems.

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