DSI Unmanned Systems & Robotics Summit

March 16-17, 2022
United States
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Key Details Dates: March 16-17, 2022 Venue: United States
About DSI Unmanned Systems & Robotics Summit

DSI’s Unmanned Systems & Robotics Summit, Leveraging Unmanned Capabilities to Fight and Win on the Future Battlefield.

The 10th Annual Unmanned Systems and Robotics Summit provides leaders within the Department of Defense, academia, industry, and other critical stakeholders an open ‘Town Hall’ forum that serves as a conduit for information exchange, idea generation, and open dialogue and debate.

Unmanned Systems and Robotics Summit

Why should you attend the Summit?

DSI’s 10th Annual Unmanned Systems & Robotics Summit will emphasize the integration of UxS capabilities into the multi domain operating environment as well as their use cases beyond the battlefield in support of DoD. The Summit will cover both strategic and technical priorities and emerging research to best support utilization across the Services.

In order to maintain our technological and military advantage and dominate on the future battlefield, the US Military must continue to integrate robust, cutting-edge UxS and robotic capabilities. This past year has seen continued effort through various exercises and ‘Campaigns of learning’ including the Navy’s Task Force 59, The Army’s Project Convergence 21 and the evolving JADC2 construct, to the Air Forces’ continued acceleration through AFWERX.

This year we will also emphasize a few key enablers supporting the deeper integration of these capabilities; recent research on improving human- machine communication, navigation and controlled decision-making autonomy in denied environments and unknown terrain, developing common standards for increased flexibility, and a look at the broader supporting data management, sensors and software to integrate systems into a joint C2 environment.

The Summit will also look at the use cases for robotics in sustainment and maintenance that help reduce Soldier burden and safety.

The 2022 Unmanned Systems & Robotics Summit ‘Town Hall’ format will serve as a conduit for cross collaboration and the interchange of knowledge among military, government, industry and academia. Military and government attendees and speakers will gain feedback from industry towards the technical ‘art of the possible’ and their current challenges, while disseminating their respective organizations’ current priorities and initiatives.

Featuring a Distinguished & Diverse Group of Speakers Including:

  • Christopher C. O’Donnell, SES – Performing the Duties of Assistant Secretary of Defense for Acquisition
  • LtGen Karsten Heckl, USMC – Commanding General, MCCDC; Deputy Commandant for CD&I Headquarters, USMC
  • RADM Brian K. Corey, USN – PEO, Unmanned Aviation and Strike Weapons, NAVAIR
  • BGen James Adams, USMC – Deputy Director for Requirements and Capability Development, J8, Joint Staff
  • CAPT Michael D. Brasseur, USN – Commodore, Task Force 59, Commander Unmanned & Artificial Intelligence Integration
  • Jean-Charles (JC) Ledé – Autonomy Technical Advisor, Air Force Research Laboratory
  • COL Joseph “Scott” Anderson, USA – PM, Unmanned Aircraft Systems, PEO Aviation

Topics to be covered at the Summit:

  • Moving from a platform centric approach to a capability centric approach
  • How each Service is developing open systems and commonalities to support faster innovation and integration across capabilities and what industry and mission partners need to know
  • Autonomous navigation and decision making in denied environments and unknown terrain
  • Utilizing robotics as key enabling technologies for sustainment and manufacturing for DoD
  • Improving human – machine communication
  • The Army’s next generation of robotic combat vehicles
  • Accelerating the US Navy’s Unmanned Systems Campaign in Support of Distributed Maritime Operations
  • Supporting the Marine Corps Force Design 2030 with Enhanced Uxs / Robotic Capabilities
  • Enhancing partnerships for greater innovation at AFWERX including electric propulsion , manufacturing, and V-TOL
  • Improving cross-domain capabilities of UxS: Integrating UxS assets into a JADC2 construct
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