Drone International Expo 2024

July 4-5, 2024
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Key Details Dates: July 4-5, 2024 Venue: New Delhi, India
About Drone International Expo 2024

Drone International Expo 2024 will display the capabilities of drone, anti drone and unmanned systems for various applications. It’s a platform for attendees and exhibitors to connect with a wide range of buyers and industry stakeholders. The end users will be connected to manufacturers of drones and inputs for various suppliers.

The expo is an ideal platform to break into the new market of drones and unmanned systems and will serve as a networking point for all the stakeholders of the sector. The event is going to be a forefront for drone related businesses, and is conceptualised for it’s high level of B2B and B2G networking.


4th – 5th July 2024

More Information and Registration

To learn more about Drone International Expo 2024, to register to attend or exhibit, please click below.

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