Cloud-Based AI Software (SaaS) & Connectivity for Drone Automation, Remote Operation & Fleet Management

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Cloud-Based AI Software (SaaS) & Connectivity for Drone Automation, Remote Operation & Fleet Management
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VOTIX is a leading American robotics company and the developer of an advanced cloud-based artificial intelligence SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution for BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) and DIB (Drone-in-a-Box) applications that allows both enterprise and government UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) operators to unlock the full potential of their drone fleet and personnel.

VOTIX’s revolutionary drone orchestration concept connects all of the moving parts of the complex drone ecosystem, creating synergies that reduce process time, enhance the efficiencies of drone operations, and enable automated fleet management and operation.

 VOTIX Drone and Robot Automation Software

All-in-one software platform for managing, streaming and flight

VOTIX is the first drone-agnostic software platform capable of true orchestration, remote operation and automation. The platform is divided into three independent but fully integrated products in order to precisely suit a variety of needs – MANAGE, FLY, and STREAM. These three components can be implemented separately according to requirements and combined to create a powerful all-in-one solution.

Select the right product for your needs, or the entire VOTIX suite to power even the most sophisticated drone applications:


Create missions, prepare for flights and manage approvals
Manage your fleet, track drone flights and control captured video and data
Centralize logs, measure performance and view all analytics in dashboards and reports


Ultra-low latency HD video streaming from anywhere to any web browser
Open or authenticated live video streaming to multiple users
View all your drone video streaming as well as video from other sources in one place


Remotely operate your drones from anywhere for easy BVLOS flights
Artificial Intelligence
Enhance flight capabilities with visual intelligence and precision landing
Real-Time Integration
Integrate your drone ecosystem with additional components such as DIB, UTM and collision avoidance systems

The three SaaS products are enhanced by the VOTIX GATEWAY (VXG) and mobile apps, providing a flexible and easy-to-use solution that automates drone operations so you can MANAGE your missions, resources and data, STREAM your flight videos in real time, and FLY your drones with full remote integration with your drone ecosystem.

VOTIX GATEWAY drone connectivityVOTIX GATEWAY (VXG) is a small, lightweight device with a built-in connectivity stack, including 4G LTE and WiFi, that enables automatic real-time data transmission from your drone to the cloud. VOTIX GATEWAY (VXG) can be installed on board your drone or inside your Drone-in-a-Box station, turning any drone into a connected autonomous system.

VOTIX Main Differentiators

  • Full orchestration that integrates all drone ecosystem and workflows
  • Teleoperation of simultaneous missions, including Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flights
  • Automation of mission execution, workflows and visual intelligence insights
  • Designed to support any drone manufacturer
  • Multi-tenant solution with segregation of duties and data
  • End-to-end data encryption and automated Drone-to-Cloud (D2C) data transfer
  • Ultra-low latency for full HD streaming and tele-control
  • Highly accurate precision landing and Drone-in-a-Box (DIB) integration
  • Integrated best-in-class image processing and rendering
  • Onboard gateway (VXG) for autonomous flights and telecontrol

Key Features of the VOTIX Platform

  • Operate multiple automated or manual missions with full drone and sensor control
  • Live map with multiple missions, 3D geo-fencing, active drone visualization, and annotations
  • Artificial intelligence for object counting, volume measuring and barcode reading
  • Multi-streaming console for drones and other sources including CCTV, phones, body and dash cameras
  • Native image and orthophoto capturing, processing and rendering
  • Airdrop and drone delivery mission management, planning and package tracking
  • Customizable automated grids and multiple offline 3D mission queuing
  • Custom conflict zones and multiple safe landing zones
  • Native video management system with advanced observer capabilities (secured and open streaming, telemetry and sensors control)
  • Customizable operations analytics dashboard

Drone Automation Applications

Drone Software for mapping

Mapping & Surveying
Automation allows drone mapping and LiDAR surveying of large areas to be undertaken quickly and efficiently, minimising manpower as well as project costs.

Drone Automation for inspections

Inspection & Monitoring
BVLOS drone inspection of critical facilities such as wind farms, as well as long corridor applications such as pipelines and powerlines, unlocks a new level of efficiency without the need to constantly reposition pilots.

Drone Automation Software for precision agriculture

Precision Agriculture
Automated drones can perform large-scale crop health monitoring, seeding and spraying, allowing agriculture professionals to maximise yield and profits.

Cloud Fleet Management for drone delivery

Drone Delivery
Votix enables the creation of complete end-to-end autonomous drone delivery services at scale, providing a solution for the timely delivery of critical cargo to residential areas as well as hard-to-reach destinations such as offshore platforms and remote communities.

Drone Management Software for public safety

Public Safety
BVLOS drone operations are critical for a variety of law enforcement, public safety and first responder applications, including disaster management, search and rescue, and surveillance.

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