New Public-Facing Features for First Responder Drone Programs

AirData’s Public Portal is a powerful new tool for building public trust and engagement with drone programs used by law enforcement and first responders By Sarah Simpson / 08 Mar 2024
New Public-Facing Features for 1st Responder Drone Programs
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AirData, an industry-leading drone fleet management and live streaming platform, provides detailed data tracking as one of its core feature sets.

Law enforcement agencies can choose to publicly share drone flight information using their custom-configured AirData Public Portal websites. These sites provide the public with transparent access to public safety flight paths and locations, enabling viewers to search for missions by address or time period.

The data shared is tailored to the needs of each department and can be automatically filtered to protect confidentiality. AirData has drawn on the expertise of pioneering agencies across the country, such as Chula Vista PD, Sacramento PD, and Las Vegas Metro PD, to develop and grow the Public Portal program as a way toward safer, more community-focused policing.

Implementing AirData’s Public Portal into our UAS program has revolutionized the way we share our drone operations with the community,” said Detective Steven Oscar (Program Coordinator) and Chief UAS Pilot at LVMPD. “It’s transparent, user-friendly, and bridges the gap between technology and public trust.”

With real-time data sharing, we’re not just flying drones; we’re fostering an environment of openness and accountability. AirData has enabled us to elevate our program’s transparency to new heights, ensuring our community is always in the loop and fully aware of the benefits our UAS initiatives bring.”

Privacy, officer safety, and operational security are serious concerns that agencies must balance with the need to build public trust and engagement. AirData has a powerful set of backend features that enable agencies to adjust parameters as appropriate for their operations.

One important feature was the option to delay flight sharing by a customized time period. While this provides a blanket layer of security, checklists and flight tags offer individual pilots granular controls over how their data is shared. For example, pilots on sensitive missions can keep their flights confidential by quickly completing a post-flight checklist from the AirData UAV mobile app.

We’re thrilled to be able to provide such a key service in the public safety space,” said AirData CEO Eran Steiner. “The agencies we work with are dedicated to incorporating the most advanced technologies and practices in public safety. At the same time, transparency is a top priority, as they look to build engagement and trust within their communities. We’ve seen a great response to our Public Portals, especially from our customers who use drones as first responder solutions. We’re excited to help agencies grow and succeed with these transformative programs.”

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