Cloud Ground Control

Cloud-Based Ground Control Software for Drone Control, Management & Mission Planning

Cloud Ground Control
Cloud-Based Ground Control Software for Drone Control, Management & Mission Planning
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Cloud Ground Control (CGC) is a state-of-the-art monitoring and management system for drones and autonomous vehicles, providing real-time browser-based control from anywhere in the world.

This unique drone networking solution has been developed by Advanced Navigation, a leading AI-based navigation and robotics systems manufacturer that supplies key industry players and government entities around the world including Boeing, Airbus, Tesla, Lockheed Martin and NASA.

Cloud Ground Control – cloud based ground control station

Drone fleet management and mission planning software

Cloud C2 drone mission planning software

CGC provides secure real-time command and control (C2) of multiple autonomous drones and robotic vehicles over 4G and 5G networks. The sensor- and platform-agnostic system is compatible with almost any UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), UGV (unmanned ground vehicle) or USV (uncrewed surface vessel), as well as a vast array of sensors and payloads including GPS and GNSS receivers, cameras, LiDAR scanners and more.

The advanced SaaS platform enables users to easily configure and manage multiple types and brands of unmanned vehicle, and provides instant access to real-time telemetry, video and payload data. This unique ability allows you to harness the collaborative power of normally incompatible vehicles, streamlining interoperability and enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

drone fleet management softwareCGC is highly secure, utilizing military-grade AES-256 end-to-end encryption as well as cellular connectivity authentication. It offers direct VPN access and can be easily integrated with existing security systems.

DJI drones can be connected via our mobile Android/iOS app, and other vehicles can utilize CGConnect – a miniature plug-and play cellular modem that weighs just 118 grams fully housed or 55 grams as an OEM board.

drone flight planning app

Cloud Command drone networking

Learn more about Cloud Ground Control drone fleet management and mission planning software

Cloud management solution for drones and robotics operators

CGC is effortlessly scalable, supporting anything from a single vehicle up to a fleet of a thousand drones. The platform enables live streaming of telemetry, video and payload data from all vehicles simultaneously, with full control of all gimbals and payloads. This enhanced situational awareness results in superior decision-making, quicker response times, and vastly improved mission outcomes.

Cloud management solution for drones and robotics

The all-in-one drone flight planning and management software provides a host of powerful features that simplify and streamline every step of the mission lifecycle. These include:

Mission planning

  • Planning of all mission modes – autonomous or manual, visual line-of-sight or BVLOS
  • Prepare missions based on waypoints, point of interests, survey areas, or footprints
  • Program flight trajectories to include orbits, points of interest, structure scans and rounded turns

Mission execution

  • Remotely control and monitor over 1000 vehicles from anywhere in the world via an intuitive browser-based dashboard
  • Receive real-time camera and sensor data as well as telemetry, location and attitude
  • Monitor cellular signal quality
  • Switch between pilot and fleet view, and easily transfer control between operator and central command

Logging & auditing

  • Automatically record, process and archive data in the cloud
  • Share video and data with colleagues, clients and key stakeholders
  • View, export and share alarms and incidents
  • Automatically generate detailed flight logs and reports for useful mission feedback and auditing requirements

drone management software

Cloud C2 for OEMs & Systems Integrators

Cloud Command and Control for Drone Networking

drone management platformCGC can be easily integrated into a wide variety of new and existing unmanned vehicle designs, allowing you to add value to your products and unlock new applications and opportunities for your customers.

Our cutting-edge off-the-shelf cloud command system enables developers to cut down development time and costs and accelerate time to market, while providing an unprecedented ability to scale operations.

CGC operates on the MAVLink standard, eliminating interoperability issues and allowing diverse autonomous vehicles and payloads to operate as a coordinated fleet. The versatile open platform features an intuitive SDK that allows developers to create custom plugins.

Partner with Cloud Ground Control

Whether you are an operator or unmanned systems manufacturer, partnering with us and leveraging our hardware design and drone connectivity expertise can accelerate your growth and boost your potential.

CGC is available in three tiers to suit a range of requirements:


Three-month trial period
Up to 2 vehicles
Up to 2 users
End-to-end encryption & security
Mission planning
Remote viewing & control
Remote camera & gimbal control


Up to 15 vehicles
Up to 30 users
End-to-end encryption & security
Mission planning
Remote viewing & control
Remote camera & gimbal control
White labelling for your brand


All features from Business tier
Package customized for your unique needs
Built-in compliance
Advanced image & video gallery
Premium support
Unlimited access to App Store
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