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Military Transport Aircraft Receives Sensor Automation Software

Overwatch Imaging has delivered its Automated Sensor Operator (ASO) for the SASEMAR CASA CN-235, providing automation capabilities for the aircraft’s full motion video (FMV) gimbals By William Mackenzie / 27 Jun 2024
Military Transport Aircraft Receives Sensor Automation Software
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Sociedad de Salvamento y Seguridad Marítima (SASEMAR) is set to be the first major search and rescue agency in the world to utilize Overwatch Imaging’s Automated Sensor Operator (ASO) software on the CASA CN-235.

Overwatch Imaging’s ASO is an AI-enabled automation software for full motion video (FMV) gimbals, controlling sensor steering, collecting and analyzing raw data, and reporting actionable intelligence in real-time. It will aid in wide-area maritime search and situational awareness missions onboard the SASEMAR CASA CN-235. 

The integration of Overwatch Imaging’s ASO is part of a major collaborative effort between SASEMAR, Airborne Technologies, Schiebel, and others, under the iSAR SASEMAR initiative. 

The initiative sets out to equip a CASA CN-235 and a Leonardo AW-139 with cutting-edge technology to support critical maritime missions. 

Acting as a subcontractor for Schiebel, Airborne Technologies executed the upgrade for the CASA CN-235. This included Overwatch ASO software to upgrade the aircraft’s forward-mounted MX-10 video gimbal with automated wide-area search and object detection capabilities.

Key features integrated into the CASA CN-235 include:

  • MX-10 with ASO: High-Resolution Geo-Stabilized Day/Night Camera (Wescam MX-10 with Overwatch Imaging Automated Sensor Operator Software).
  • Satellite Communication System (Honeywell Aspire 200): Cutting-edge Satellite Communication System enables live downlink of Search & Rescue and aircraft data.
  • On-Board Workstation for 2 Sensor Operators: The existing workstation has undergone a substantial upgrade to accommodate the needs of two sensor operators.

Jesús Domínguez de Tena, from SASEMAR Air Service, commented; “This milestone represents a major step forward for Salvamento Marítimo in the modernization of its air units, incorporating cutting-edge technology that will help us to provide a more efficient and effective service and, ultimately, to continue fulfilling our mission of protecting life at sea with the most advanced means at our disposal.”

Adam Lapierre, Overwatch Imaging Marketing Manager, added; “Wescam’s MX-10 is a powerful ISR solution, but it’s dependent upon human interaction and typically requires a high level of focused operation to achieve basic intelligence results.

“Overwatch Imaging’s ASO software acts like an autopilot for FMV Gimbals, automating large area, small object search tasks that can be extremely challenging and tedious for human operators to conduct.”

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