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Overwatch Sensor Technology to be Utilized in Canadian Wildfire Efforts

Airborne Energy Solutions is set to leverage Overwatch Imaging's TK-8 multispectral smart sensor, designed for high resolution, large-area mapping and intelligence missions, and equipped with powerful onboard software By Joe Macey / 11 Jun 2024
Overwatch Imaging & Airborne Energy Bring Advanced Sensor Technology to Canadian Wildfire Efforts
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Overwatch Imaging, a developer of cutting-edge multispectral sensors and geospatial intelligence software, has formed a collaboration with Airborne Energy Solutions, a flight services provider based in Alberta, Canada.

With the 2024 Canadian wildfire season off to an early and volatile start, the collaboration comes at a time when utilizing cutting-edge technology to aid in response efforts is more important than ever. It also marks Overwatch Imaging’s initial entry into the Canadian wildfire market.

Airborne Energy Solutions will leverage Overwatch Imaging’s TK-8 multispectral smart sensor. The TK-8 is designed for high resolution, large-area mapping and intelligence missions and is equipped with powerful onboard software that delivers a variety of time-critical wildfire detection and mapping capabilities.

The collaboration, and the acceptance of the TK-8, follows the successful completion of the Hinton test grid, a rigorous requirement for vendors seeking to provide infrared services within the province of Alberta. The test, also recognized by other provincial fire services, is designed to confirm a system and operator’s proficiency in three critical areas: Detection, Accuracy, and Efficiency.

Greg Davis, Founder and CEO of Overwatch Imaging, said; “We are proud to bring our proven wildfire intelligence technology to Canada. Our relationship with Airborne Energy Solutions is an exciting and timely progression for Overwatch Imaging.

“We’ve been a leading provider of large-scale wildfire intelligence technology in the United States for several years. As we see wildfires and the smoke they produce become larger, more severe, and more threatening, we firmly believe our technology can make an immediate and important impact by delivering the large-scale, time-critical intelligence that agencies, responders, and communities need to make the most informed decisions possible.”

Travis Mizera, General Manager of Airborne Energy Solutions, said; “We are thrilled to introduce the impressive capabilities Overwatch Imaging and the TK-8 sensor can bring to our region’s firefighting efforts. The addition of this technology will significantly enhance our ability to detect and monitor fires over vast areas and to deliver the important intelligence our agencies need to protect our communities and natural landscapes.”

Mizera added; “This really goes to show the important steps Alberta Wildfire is taking to invest in new and emerging technologies and AI.

“Alberta has always been a leader in Canada as far as infrared scanning and this only helps establish their program as one the best in the country.”

With sensors in five spectral bands (RGB, NIR, SWIR, LWIR, and MWIR), the TK-8 is a versatile, high-resolution, wide-area inspection and mapping tool. Airborne Energy Solutions plans to leverage the capability beyond wildfire intelligence purposes for inspection and mapping work in the coming months, as time allows.

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