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Strategic Partnership Formed in High-Performance Battery Market

Amprius Technologies and Stafl Systems have made a strategic partnership to offer high-performance battery solutions, with Amprius serving as Stafl’s preferred battery cell supplier By Abi Wylie / 24 Apr 2024
Strategic Partnership Formed in High-Performance Battery Market
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Amprius Technologies, Inc. has made a strategic partnership with Stafl Systems, a pioneer in advanced battery pack manufacturing, to offer high-performance battery solutions

This collaboration marks a significant step forward in driving innovation and accelerating the adoption of high-performance battery solutions for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and urban air mobility (UAM) applications.

Amprius and Stafl Systems expect this collaboration to increase sales, expand market reach, and gain greater market share in the high-performance battery market segment. Under this alliance, Amprius will serve as Stafl Systems’ preferred battery cell supplier by providing its high-performance SiCore™ battery cells

Amprius will work closely with Stafl Systems to facilitate timely battery evaluation and testing to ensure optimal performance for its targeted applications.

Stafl Systems, in turn, will act as Amprius’ preferred battery pack integrator, leveraging its extensive experience in developing and manufacturing advanced battery packs tailored to specific customer needs. Stafl Systems carefully designs its battery management systems (BMS) to ensure unparalleled accuracy, reliability, and safety, providing significant benefits in precise state-of-charge (SOC) and state-of-health (SOH) measurements. 

By incorporating Amprius’ high-energy SiCore cells into its battery packs, Stafl Systems expects to enhance the performance of its products, catering to the growing demand for high-performance batteries in electric mobility.

Ronnie Tao, Vice President of Business Development at Amprius Technologies, said; “We are confident that this partnership with Stafl Systems will help us continue innovating in the high-performance battery market. 

“By combining our cutting-edge SiCore battery cell technology with Stafl Systems’ advanced pack manufacturing capabilities, we are poised to offer custom battery pack products at an increased volume with unparalleled performance, safety and reliability. We look forward to advancing our unmatched battery solutions to meet the evolving needs of electric mobility applications through this partnership.”

Stafl Systems President Erik Stafl added; “The partnership with Amprius is an exciting development for our aviation and high-performance customers. By integrating Amprius’ SiCore cells into our battery packs, we aim to set new standards for performance and reliability in the industry, addressing the increasing demand for highly advanced battery solutions.”

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