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Amprius to Deliver Custom 450 Wh/kg Platform Cells

The cells address high-altitude pseudo satellite (HAPS) qualification requirements and enable them to operate in highly challenging environments By Abi Wylie / 07 Nov 2023
Amprius to Deliver Custom 450 Wh/kg Platform Cells
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Amprius Technologies, Inc. has signed purchase orders with three premier electric aviation manufacturers for custom cells from the Company’s 450 Wh/kg ultra-high-energy density platform for battery pack development and qualification.

The custom cells from the 450 Wh/kg platform were developed in collaboration with Amprius’ strategic customers to address their unique high-altitude pseudo satellite (HAPS) qualification requirements and enable them to operate in highly challenging environments. 

With greater energy density and longer cycle life than the previous 400 Wh/kg platform, the company states the new 450 Wh/kg cells are the only known commercially available batteries of their kind that can provide enough power and endurance for HAPS overnight stratospheric flight applications.

The cells also enable higher payloads and/or operation in all seasons or at higher latitudes. The aviation industry continues to work diligently to enhance cell energy density and minimize aircraft weight to meet their flight objectives. 

The growing demand for these high-energy cells reflects the increasing need for cutting-edge batteries that offer industry-leading performance for electric mobility applications.

Commercialization of these new cells is scheduled before the end of the year. These new custom cell form factors are positioned to improve performance in aviation applications, including both high-energy drones such as HAPS as well as high-energy storage applications for the military.

“Our new family of customizable ultra-high-energy density cells offers the ability to significantly reduce weight and increase range,” said Dr. Kang Sun, Chief Executive Officer of Amprius. “Amprius is proud to support the advancement of electric mobility by delivering energy density performance that is unmatched by conventional cells available on the market today.”

“Our flight missions require extremely high energy batteries to achieve our performance requirements,” said Dave Corfield, CEO of Prismatic. “We greatly value the partnership with Amprius and are confident that our collaboration will result in significant advancements in our ability to provide an alternative to conventional sensing and communications systems. Partnering with Amprius, we were able to integrate their ultra-high-energy density batteries to achieve our mass targets which are critical to PHASA-35 performance.’’

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