New Ground Control Hub Enables Multi-GCS, Multi-UAS & Maritime Missions

UAV Navigation-Grupo Oesía’s new UAV Ground Hub Unit was designed based on clients' requirements and it follows a top-down design process that considers the requirements demanded by the RPAS market By Phoebe Grinter / 07 Feb 2023
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UAV Navigation-Grupo Oesía has released the GHU-100, a new ground control hub unit designed to help platform manufacturers connect multiple ground devices (PC, datalinks, joysticks, etc.) and form a single network segment. 

The GHU-100 is engineered to tackle the most demanding missions faced by UAVs, from maritime operations to multi-UAV coordination and support for multiple GCS control.

The GHU-100 is built with safety in mind, implementing critical functionalities on a self-developed RTOS to ensure secure missions in all environments. It can increase UAV flight safety thanks to its independence from the computer OS and its potential PC crashes.

 “The GHU-100 represents the next step in our Ground Control modem’s evolution,” said Miguel Ángel de Frutos, Business Unit Director & CTO at UAV Navigation-Grupo Oesía. “As the industry rapidly evolves, our products must too, so they meet the new challenges of the unmanned field.” 

The GHU-100 has been designed to increase the system’s robustness while maintaining a high flexibility, with extensive I/O capabilities that make it easy to integrate into complex and advanced GCS architectures. 

UAV Navigation-Grupo Oesía’s new Ground Hub Unit was designed based on clients’ requirements and it follows a top-down design process that considers the demands of the current and future RPAS market.

 “At UAV Navigation-Grupo Oesía, customer satisfaction is a top priority. That’s why we take our clients’ feedback into account when creating new products,” Ángel de Frutos added.

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