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Distributor Opportunities for Geomatics Professionals

Opportunity to join CHC Navigation’s geomatic community as a distributor of reliable and robust GNSS solutions for a wide variety of applications By Sarah Simpson / 07 Feb 2023
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CHC Navigation (CHCNAV) has been delivering GNSS-enabled systems and solutions that cater to various geomatic applications, including surveying in cadastral, construction, mapping, mine, and marine environments, since 2003.

Working with private companies, individuals, and public organizations, CHCNAV provides reliable and affordable technology and  due to increasing demand they are inviting potential geomatics industry partners to join them in serving this market. CHCNAV have the solutions to meet demands for accuracy and affordability, no matter the location.

CHCNAV will be at Geo-Week this month on stand #1128 and will be happy to discuss in person any solutions and dealership opportunities. Geo-Week runs 13th-15th February, in Denver, Colorado.

The below outlines the major geomatics applications where CHCNAV’s high-precision, reliable, and robust GNSS solutions are the go-to tool:

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Cadastral Surveying
Construction Surveying and Earthmoving
Infrastructure Monitoring
Mine Surveying
Mapping and GIS, Photogrammetry, Laser Scanning
Marine Surveying

Cadastral Surveying

With increasing urbanization, the need to accurately measure property boundaries becomes essential. Authorities need accurate land mapping to manage properties efficiently. CHCNAV’s smart antennas and GNSS total stations play a crucial role in providing this information.

CHC Navigation GNSS Tools for Cadastral Surveying
Figure 1. The i83, the 1408-channel multi-band IMU-RTK GNSS receiver, provides unparalleled productivity for GNSS measurements, stakeout surveys, and other typical construction tasks.

Construction Surveying and Earthmoving

Accurate measurements are essential to ensure that buildings, roads, and other structures are built according to plan. The CHCNAV’s GNSS smart antennas, sensors, field controllers, and software provide surveyors with the accurate data they need to do their jobs efficiently. In addition, the CHCNAV’s GNSS RTK networks can significantly improve construction project operations by providing consistent positioning accuracy for all surveying tasks across the site and between various operators, regardless of the brand of RTK rover used.

Our GNSS machine control solutions enable equipment operators to do their work efficiently by bringing significant gains in productivity, accuracy, and speed to earthmoving and grading jobs.

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CHC Navigation GNSS Tools for Construction Surveying and Earthmoving
Figure 2. The TG63 (installed on the grader), a high-accuracy automatic GNSS/INS grade control system that is designed to improve the quality and efficiency of grading operations.

Infrastructure Monitoring

CHCNAV GNSS sensors and antennas help prevent natural disasters and enable rapid emergency response by monitoring critical infrastructure and the physical environment. Our server-based CPS RTK Network software, P5 geodetic GNSS stations, and C220GR2 GNSS antennas provide a powerful enterprise solution that delivers the highest accuracy and uninterrupted positioning and navigation services.

CHC Navigation GNSS Tools for Infrastructure Monitoring
Figure 3. The C220GR2, a high-performance GNSS/CORS antenna with the P5 reference station, and an example of a typical application - the GNSS-based reservoir dam monitoring.

Mine Surveying

Accurate GNSS positioning is crucial in every phase of open pit mining. Highly accurate topographic information is required for the operational safety of staff and machinery and for the success of mining operations throughout the life cycle, including exploration, discovery, development, production, and reclamation. CHC Navigation offers a full range of advanced technologies to help mining companies streamline exploration and development and gain a competitive advantage.

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Mapping and GIS, Photogrammetry, Laser Scanning

Collecting accurate GNSS data is essential for mapping, environmental planning, and urban design. Aerial surveys for 3D modeling require real-time or post-processed GNSS data for georeferencing, and high-precision GNSS systems are used to georeference point clouds generated by laser scanning and mobile mapping systems. CHCNAV offers devices designed to meet the need for highly accurate topographic information fundamental to the achievement and reliability of any project.

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CHC Navigation GNSS Tools for Mapping and GIS
Figure 4. The BB4, a professional UAV reality capture platform, is equipped with the AlphaUni 900/1300, a long-range LiDAR system.

Marine Surveying

The marine survey encompasses a wide range of activities that rely on GNSS technology, including seabed exploration, tidal and current estimation, and offshore monitoring through bathymetric and hydrographic surveys. The results of these activities are critical to marine construction and navigation. CHCNAV’s versatile and robust USVs can be equipped with instruments such as a single or multibeam echo sounder, GNSS RTK receiver, and other sensors. This reduces survey time, improves work efficiency, and generates high-resolution data that consistently meet the stringent requirements of hydrographic survey projects.

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CHC Navigation GNSS Tools for Marine Surveying
Figure 5. The Apache 3 USV, equipped with the GNSS IMU sensor and single beam echosounder, takes a bathymetric survey in the freezing lake water.

We offer our dealers the flexibility to choose the products that best meet the needs of their potential customers in their region. We foster trust and work towards mutual growth and success through open and frequent communication.

Discover new opportunities now and unlock the potential for growth in your region by becoming a CHCNAV distributor. Find out more here >>

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