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Voyis Develops Underwater Laser Scanners & Cameras for AUVs & ROVs

By Mike Ball / 19 Jul 2021
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Voyis, a leading developer of underwater laser scanners and imaging systems that expand the capabilities of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) and Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), has partnered with Unmanned Systems Technology (“UST”) to demonstrate their expertise in this field. The ‘Gold’ profile highlights how their optical sensors can be utilised for a wide variety of industries, including offshore energy, marine and ocean science, defence, and civil infrastructure.

Insight Nano - underwater laser scanner technologyThe Insight Nano is a compact short- to mid-range underwater laser scanner designed for non-intrusive qualitative inspection in tight underwater spaces without any external aiding sensors. It features an intuitive user interface and onboard data processing, streaming 3D point cloud data to the control station in real-time for visualization and assessment.

With no external cables, the built-in actuator provides continuous 360° scanning, with a high angular resolution that enables millimeter resolution both along and across laser profiles. The actuator allows for static underwater laser scanning without a vehicle. The Insight Nano can also be easily integrated with robotic pipe crawlers and ROV robotic arms.

underwater 3d scanning systemThe Insight Micro is a long-range underwater scanner designed specifically for small ROVs and AUVs. It enables high-accuracy underwater inspection and precise data collection at ranges of up to 8 metres, with a power draw of less than 40W.

The Insight Micro also offers an optional integrated stills imaging system to provide a complete optical assessment with both qualitative and quantitative datasets. The unit’s stills imaging system allows you to capture gapless laser data and crisp stills images simultaneously.

The Insight Micro features a cable-free modular design, and is easily integrated into neutrally buoyant AUV payloads and skid solutions for small inspection-class ROVs.

underwater 3d imagingThe Insight Pro is a long-range laser scanner designed for large AUVs and work-class ROVs, enabling wide-area 3D modelling in subsea environments. Dynamic data is collected from the high-sensitivity sensor to achieve up to 15m scanning range.

The unit’s high-sensitivity sensors are actively cooled to maintain a temperature of 5°C, reducing noise in the captured data. The system can be supplied pre-calibrated with a documented accuracy specification, or calibrated on the vehicle for more complex integrations. The Insight Pro has been integrated into a wide variety of underwater robotic vehicles, including AUVs surveying at depths of up to 6000m.

Observer & Nova Micro 3d imagerThe Observer & Nova Micro is a compact high-resolution imaging system designed for small high-speed underwater vehicles. The system’s camera can output both colour and monochrome images in 5MP and 12MP, and the Nova LED panel is custom-oriented for even image illumination according to the vehicle’s specific requirements. The system features real-time onboard image enhancement and machine learning-driven colour correction. The camera draws just 5W, making the system ideal for low-power platforms and long-duration missions.

The Observer & Nova Micro is easily integrated into neutrally buoyant AUV payloads and skid solutions for small inspection-class ROVs, and is also available as part of a complete mine identification payload solution.

Observer & Nova Pro subsea imagingThe Observer & Nova Pro underwater imaging system has been designed to provide long-range imaging capabilities for AUVs and ROVs, enabling wide-area optical surveys at distances of over 10 metres.

The system pairs actively cooled, high-sensitivity sensors with 600,000-lumen Nova LED panels, resulting in extremely short exposure times and delivering blur-free images at speeds up to 6 knots. High dynamic range and proprietary undistortion algorithms provide consistent image quality for seamless mosaics.

The Observer & Nova Pro has been integrated into AUVs surveying at depths of up to 6000m and can easily be fitted into standard ROV skids or new custom platforms. It can be combined with EIVA’s deep-learning inspection software to create a real-time pipeline defect detection solution.

Recon AUV underwater inspection cameraThe Recon is a high-resolution optical imaging payload for high-speed AUVs, featuring onboard image enhancement and a modular design that houses all electronics and interfaces directly with the target AUV.

The payload simplifies integration into vehicles and enhances the AUVs capability. A hydrodynamic lightbar evenly projects light across the camera’s field of view, significantly enhancing the image capabilities.

Recon LS AUV underwater imaging technologyThe Recon LS is an all-in-one payload for all sizes of AUVs that combines a laser and stills camera to deliver complete real-time optical inspection data, using the vehicle’s existing navigational data for geo-referencing.

The solution can be provided in a single integrated module, or with the laser and LED strobe housed in an external hydrodynamic module for versatile integration with even the smallest platforms.

The Perception skid is a survey-grade 3D inspection solution for small inspection-class ROVs, delivering high-accuracy laser and image data in a convenient, neutrally buoyant modular package integrated with all required positioning sensors.

The module has been pre-integrated and tested with high-accuracy navigational sensors, doing away with the need for complex system integration and validation. Onboard data processing delivers real-time results to the vehicle’s control station, and the system supports EIVA deep learning software for enhanced survey-grade capabilities.

The Perception skid is available as a series of preconfigured solutions for leading ROVs such as the VideoRay Defender and the Seatronics VALOR.

ROV 3D inspection scannerThe Perception XL is a pre-configured and calibrated plug-and-play survey solution for large and work-class ROVs, providing superior underwater surveying capabilities.

The system can produce high-resolution 3D models and crisp stills images, making the system ideal for high-precision integrity assessment and the creation of wide-area digital twins.

The Perception XL is compatible with the majority of work-class ROVs on the market, and can be combined with EIVA’s deep-learning inspection software to create a real-time pipeline defect detection solution.

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