Embedded Controllers, Avionics Testing, HIL Simulation & Data Acquisition Systems for UAV/UAS Applications

Designing To Scale: Validation And Verification From Concept To Deployment

Webinar Details
  • Hosted by United Electronic Industries (UEI)
  • May 25, 2022 , 19:00 (UTC)
  • Depending on where you are in the verification “V model”, the tasks can be either all virtual, a mix between virtual and real, or all real. Ensuring that your system can scale up and down is critical for safety certification and time to market. We will present methods of code and hardware re-use to accelerate the development and deployment of your autonomous, flight or missions controllers.

    Presented by Erik Goethert – Sr. Director of Business Development & Strategic Marketing
    Mr. Goethert is the Sr. Director of Business Development & Strategic Marketing at United Electronic Industries (UEI) and has designed, managed, and implemented projects that collect real-world data for Aerospace, Energy, Defense industries so they can build smart systems that are reliable, flexible and rugged. He has more than 30 years of experience in industry-wide hardware, software and I/O application solutions. He has an engineering degree from Cornell University.

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