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Robotics & Renewables: Exploring Offshore Wind Opportunities

Offshore wind robotics would allow for more efficient, reliable and cost-effective operations while also reducing the risk of human error Feature Article by Sonardyne International
Robotics & Renewables: Exploring Offshore Wind Opportunities
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Sonardyne looks at how robotics are presently used in marine environments, and delves into how they could be applied to future offshore wind projects. Read more >>

With wind overtaking gas as the primary source of UK electricity for the first time in May 2023, and with most of that generated offshore, the demand for cost effective renewable energy in the UK is set to increase further.

The company discusses the use of marine robotics for planning, positioning, monitoring and communication in offshore wind farms, and whether this type of maintenance is a distant hope or a real possibility.

The full article goes on to outline:

  • Floating offshore wind farms, maintained by robots – pipedream or possibility?
  • Surveying and Constructing
  • As wind farms go over the horizon, so will robotics
  • Offshore Robotics 24/7?

By using marine robotics for seabed surveys, offshore wind farms can be built for a lower cost, reduced carbon and increased reliability. If an infrastructure to support effective monitoring and marine robotics at the start of a wind farm lifecycle is implemented before operations begin, operators can realise project savings much earlier.

Read the full article, or visit Sonardyne’s website for more information.

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