Remote ID Drone Trackers, Receivers & Real-Time Air Traffic Monitoring & Analytics for Unmanned Traffic Management

Remote ID Drone Trackers, Receivers & Real-Time Air Traffic Monitoring & Analytics for Unmanned Traffic Management
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INVOLI is a leading provider of low-altitude cooperative air traffic monitoring systems, drone tracking, and Remote ID solutions. With a mission to create a digital copy of the sky, containing all flying objects, especially at low altitudes, INVOLI’s system increases the safety and efficiency of all operations, in a legal and affordable way.

Specializing in real-time air traffic data analytics and monitoring systems for UAS operators, regional airports, airfields, UAS test ranges and heliports, INVOLI presents a paradigm shift in providing the currently missing air traffic surveillance data to drones and other airspace users in uncontrolled areas, at a fraction of the cost: only by knowing where air traffic may come from, one can avoid it.

INVOLI’s proven system is a combination of RF sensors, data processing, and data visualization capabilities that provide reliable, accurate, and accessible low-altitude air traffic data. Data is used to perform quantitative air risk assessment, provide surveillance safety services, or automate operational processes. INVOLI’s system is used worldwide for situational awareness of BVLOS drone flights and detection of cooperative air traffic for critical infrastructure. Hundreds of INVOLI’s receivers have been installed in Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia.

INVOLI is an ISO9001 company. It is part of the Swiss U-Space Implementation (SUSI), a nationwide collaborative effort for safely integrating drones into airspace, and a trusted partner of all major UTM and Operations Management platform vendors.

Air traffic monitoring

G-1090 – Air Traffic Receivers product line

Plug & Play receivers for ADS-B, Transponder, FLARM, UAT, Remote ID, and G-1030 Interrogator with Multilateration capabilities

G-1090 – Plug & Play Air Traffic Receiver

This product line opens up additional opportunities for customers requiring to perform multiple drone operations in controlled or uncontrolled airspace, and low-altitude U-space airspace flights. It is a part of INVOLI ground-based surveillance and situational awareness solutions – enabling network coverage for uncontrolled areas and delivering highly reliable air traffic information.

The product line is composed of five G-1090 air traffic receivers, designed to be installed on external locations such as existing infrastructure or rooftops. G-1090 receivers are all plug-and-play and further features include:

  • The standard version G-1090 allows the detection of transponder messages over 1090 MHz frequency. It detects aircrafts providing ADS-B, Mode S, Mode A/C signals.
  • G-1090 FLARM allows the detection of aircraft equipped with FLARM transceivers, like gliders, helicopters, and some General Aviation aircraft. This version is specific to the FLARM market in Europe.
  • G-1090 UAT that is capable of detecting transponder messages over the 978 Mhz frequency, specific to the USA market.
  • G-1090 RemoteID which has a 2.4 GHz antenna and capable of detecting drones broadcasting their position and ID over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth protocols.
  • G-1090 Interrogator device is patented in the US.  It can be used in places where there are insufficient data interrogations from surveillance radars to allow Mode S and Mode A/C transponders to communicate their data.
  • Equipped with a 1030 MHz interrogator, this device is able to interrogate aircraft equipped with ADS-B, Mode S, and Mode A/C transponders. 

These compact devices relay received aircraft messages to INVOLI servers via Ethernet or 4G (in option). The same data can also be delivered to third-party software via API or stream.

The air traffic information can also be managed and processed for analytical and strategical purposes helping to enable drone operations, and issuing personalized reports of network coverage, density maps, multilateration simulation, etc.

Receivers’ features

  • Line-of-sight detection of ADS-B, Mode S, Mode A/C signals on 1090 MHz frequency
  • Measurement of local atmospheric pressure to compensate pressure altitude
  • Communication and power via Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Rugged IP67-rated metallic enclosure
  • Surge protection
  • Native mutlilateration capabilities

All the G-1090 receivers have multilateration (INVOLI MLAT) capabilities by design, in order to record highly reliable air traffic monitoring data, which can be used to complement or substitute secondary surveillance radar (SSR).

LEMAN Remote ID – UAV Remote ID Tracker Device

4G drone GPS tracking system, Remote ID broadcast and network drone tracker

LEMAN Remote ID is an entirely independent 4G Drone Tracker with its own GPS and battery that allows you to follow your drone fleet in real-time. Once equipped with a SIM card and installed on a drone, the easy-to-configure unit transmits position, speed, direction, and signal quality data. The accuracy of the GNSS position, provided via 4G network and Wi-Fi broadcast, ensures authorities of a precise location to mitigate risks of air collision.

LEMAN 4G drone GPS tracking system

Compatible with international remote ID requirements, the solution is ideal for drone fleet management and BVLOS missions. It helps with the easy recovery of a lost drone as well as its payload. 

Data transmitted by the tracker is visible via the INVOLI.Live platform, and can also be delivered to third-party software such as UTM (unmanned traffic management), drone operations management software, or aviation authorities.


Dimensions 61 x 45 x 19 mm
Weight 47g
Frequency Bands Europe: B1/B3
North America: B2/B4
Battery Life 4.5 hrs (position broadcast every 3s)
Latency <2s
Drone tracking software
Photo tracker +involi live

Air Traffic Monitoring Services

Air traffic information services are a combination of strategic and tactical services that enable air risk assessment, flight planning, and flight operations in low-altitude airspace. With INVOLI.Live, we provide visualization services: with INVOLI.API, we integrate flight data into third-party systems; and with INVOLI.Analytics, we provide air traffic data analytics. – Air Traffic Visualization Software

Unmanned aircraft traffic monitoring and management is a cooperative air traffic visualization platform that enables safe and efficient airspace sharing between drone operators, air traffic regulators, and civil aviation authorities. Furthermore, INVOLI.Live is addressing the problem of getting reliable air traffic information in real-time by providing ready-to-use and fully integrated Air Traffic Information Services.

Drone tracking system for air traffic visualization

This operation management, alerting, and visualization platform allows you to manage your drone fleet on a virtual map and get high-quality and high-accuracy air traffic information in real-time on one single platform.

INVOLI.Live allows drone operators to monitor their drones, as well as surrounding manned air traffic, on a virtual map, providing unparalleled situational awareness. It also expands opportunities to obtain BVLOS flight authorization, as it helps mitigate the risk of collision between a drone and an aircraft.

Features of include:

  • Creation of restriction and alert areas (Switzerland only)
  • Integrating with INVOLI hardware products (remote ID drone tracker and G-1090 Product Line) 
  • Possibility of data integration in the third-party system via API stream.
  • Alerting
  • Receivers and drone trackers management
  • Detection completely independent of existing surveillance sources
  • Aviation grade latency and positioning precision
  • Updated to follow the latest drone standards and regulations

INVOLI.API – Air traffic data for third-party softwares

involi api - unmanned traffic management software

INVOLI air traffic data can be provided for integration into third-party software or DAA solutions via our API STREAM . 

Personalized and affordable plans are available on request.

More information: INVOLI.API


INVOLI. Analytics is a series of data analysis reports and maps, such as: air traffic density maps, MLAT simulations, surveillance coverage maps, and 4G connectivity maps. These services give qualitative and quantitative air traffic data to drone operators and airspace management, allowing them to make informed decisions about their Air Risk Assessments.

The air traffic density map

The air traffic density map helps understand the air traffic density in a certain geographical area. 

It is based on the data collected by INVOLI’s Traffic Information Server. Data is stored, processed, and analyzed to produce 3D models of Air Traffic and Drone Traffic.

All the information can be displayed on visualization tool or 3rd party software such as mission planner, operations manager, or UTM/U-space Service Provider interfaces.

The air traffic density Map is available upon request.

Surveillance Coverage Map

The Surveillance Coverage Map – support with mission planning based on the availability of surveillance coverage.

The Surveillance Coverage Map is based on the INVOLI G-1090 network of receivers. Today the information is static.

Get your Surveillance Coverage Map >>

4G Connectivity Map

The 4G Connectivity Map helps you plan your missions based on the 4G Connectivity performance and/or the availability in a certain area.

The 4G Connectivity Map is based on data collected by INVOLI Network Remote ID Server from LEMAN RemoteID Trackers only.

This report is available on request and provided by INVOLI experts, here.

More information: INVOLI.API


Air traffic surveillance software for drone operators

INVOLI MLAT services allow you to calculate the precise position of air traffic emitting signals on the 1090 MHz frequency thanks to the data transmitted from G-1090 receivers on the INVOLI servers.

It can be used to complement or substitute secondary surveillance radar (SSR).

INVOLI MLAT can be achieved with a minimum of 5 G-1090 receivers and can be implemented either directly for drone operators at a chosen location, or at regional airports with cost-benefits in favor of local ANSPs.

It includes the following features:

  • Multilateration of aircraft equipped with ADS-B, Mode S or Mode A/C transponders
  • ADS-B validation via multilateration
  • Multilateration Horizontal / Vertical error
  • Multilateration Dilution of Precision

More information: INVOLI MLAT Services

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