All-in-One Software Solution for Drone Planning, Management, and Community Integration
AirHub Portal All-in-one drone flight planning & management software
AirHub Portal

All-in-one drone flight planning & management software

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AirHub Portal

Integrating and operating drones is a difficult proposition, made harder by siloed applications to complete workflows and a lack of communication across stakeholders. AirHub Portal provides users access to the multitude of features and functions to meet their unique operational needs, and enables the sharing of information across all user types both within their own organization and externally; all in one single application.

The easy-to-use application is OS-agnostic and features a mobile-first UX design. It can be installed on any mobile or desktop device, or accessed via a browser for the same seamless experience.

AirHub Portal provides a wide range of powerful capabilities for private and commercial drone pilots as well as state and local government planners and managers, including:

  • Airspace Intelligence
  • Authoritative & Enterprise Advisories
  • Mission Planning
  • Advanced & Dynamic Routing
  • Custom Risk Profiling
  • Enhanced Situational Awareness
  • UAS Traffic
  • Fleet Management Integration