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Power Tether Products and Technology for Commercial Drones
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Blue Vigil is a leading developer of innovative drone power tether systems that enable unlimited flight time for enterprise class drones.

Made in the USA, our robust UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) tethering solutions enable persistent hovering for a wide variety of applications.

Drone Tethering System

RS1000 Drone Power Tether System

Unlimited flight time and power for persistent drone operations

The RS1000 tether system provides unlimited continuous power for persistent drone missions, and can be connected to a generator, inverter, or shore power (wall outlet) that supplies 110V or 220V. With no need to swap out batteries or provide constant operator input, the RS1000 reduces downtime as well as manpower requirements, allowing you to launch the drone and trust the system to hold position.

m300 tether - RS1000 Drone Tether Kit

The highly portable system consists of a base station in a ruggedized Pelican carrying case, and a lightweight air module unit that can easily be installed on the drone in seconds in the field. The base station features smart automatic cable management that keeps constant tension on the reactive tether, and includes built-in thermal overload shutdown protection for enhanced safety.

Tethering for DJI Matrice and commercial drones

Drone Tether System

The RS1000 tethered drone power supply is compatible with most commercial drones using 4S or 6S batteries.

Supported models include:

  • DJI Matrice M300, M200 and M210
  • DJI Inspire 1 and 2
  • Inspired Flight IF750 (Blue UAS approved)
  • Ascent Spirit (Blue UAS approved)
  • SubUAS The Naviator
  • Tarot X4

tethered drone power supply

The compact air modules support both bottom and top-mounted drone payloads, and do not interfere with collision avoidance or imaging sensors.

Tethering system for OEMs and systems integrators

We also provide a solution that allows OEMs and systems integrators to easily incorporate our drone tether management and power delivery technology into custom drone and base station builds.

OEM drone tether kits

Our drone tether kit consists of four independent modules – tether, power, motor unit, and UAV power conversion – providing flexible design options.

Air modules are available in 12V, 24V or 48V, and support 4S, 6S and 12S batteries. Tether options include power only, power and Ethernet, or power and optical fiber.

OEM drone tether kits


Law Enforcement & First Responders
Tethered drone systems provide essential situational awareness for police officers and emergency personnel, allowing them to observe crime scenes, control crowds, and survey large areas from the air.

Military & Government
Tethered drones can provide soldiers and government agencies with aerial surveillance and reconnaissance, delivering a tactical advantage for critical missions.

Drone Power Tether

Broadcast & Media
Blue Vigil drone tether systems are ideal for professional cinematography and film production, as well as for providing an eye-in-the-sky for sports, news, and other broadcast events.

Sensor Deployment & Research
Drones with persistent hover capabilities can be equipped with a wide variety of sensors and payloads for 24/7 operation, including EO/IR sensors, communications relays, and weather monitoring stations.

DJI Drone Tethering

Traffic Studies
One of the limitations of traditional data collection methods is that they are tied to specific intersections or locations. Tethered drones can cover a larger area than traffic cameras on poles, can be deployed in locations where there is no place to install cameras and have better video quality.

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