Tether System Revealed for the Vesper UAV

Volarious and Vantage Robotics have released the V-Line Pro Vesper, a tethered system for the Vantage Vesper that delivers unlimited flight time through hot swappable battery design and features the V-Assist app By Sarah Simpson / 06 May 2024
Tether System Revealed for the Vesper Micro UAV
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Volarious, a company specializing in tethered drone solutions, and Vantage Robotics, Inc., have launched the V-Line Pro Vesper, a tethered drone system compatible with the Vesper micro UAV.

Presented at AUVSI’s 2024 Xponential tradeshow at the San Diego Convention Center, the V-Line Pro is designed to enhance the Vesper UAV and provide UAS operators with maximum situational awareness.

Responding to the market demand for tethered systems compatible with blue UAS drones, Volarious has launched the V-Line Pro, initially featuring a 25-meter (82 feet) tethered line and a new backpackable DC-power tether station. This system enables unlimited flight time through hot swapping capability, elevating drone performance and providing users with extended flight durations and improved operational efficiency.

The V-Line Pro comes equipped with anew companion app, V-Assist, which displays critical data to users and can work seamlessly as a floating app with other drone apps like QGC or ATAK UAS Tool. This app enhances the operations, enabling users to analyze critical situations, manage system health and update firmware.

Key features of the V-Line Pro include:

  • Extended Flight Time: The V-Line Pro extends the flight time of the Vesper drone to up to 7 hours on a single battery charge, ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency during missions.
  • Hot Swap Design: The V-Line Pro’s DC power allows users to swap out a depleted battery for a fresh one without the drone having to land, enabling uninterrupted flight and continuous operation.
  • V-Assist Software: The V-Line Pro comes equipped with V-Assist, a mobile app for Android devices that enables seamless communication and control. With V-Assist, users can easily connect to their V-Line Pro via Wi-Fi and access real-time telemetry data, ensuring safe and efficient flight operations.
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