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Here’s our round-up of the five most read articles on this week By Abi Wylie / 07 Jun 2024
UST Top 5 Most Read Articles
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Take a look at UST’s round-up of our five most read articles in the industry this week, including new technologies, collaborations, white papers, and industry successes.

1. Low-SWaP NVIDIA Jetson-Powered AI Mission Computer for Drones & Robotics

Neousys FLYC-300 NVIDIA Jetson-based AI computer

Neousys Technology has launched the FLYC-300, the latest addition to the company’s family of NVIDIA Jetson-based computing solutions.

Weighing in at just 297g with 100 TOPS AI performance, the low-SWaP (size, weight, and power) FLYC-300 is ideal for a wide range of advanced unmanned systems applications, including UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles) and autonomous mobile robotics.

FLYC-300’s AI computation capabilities enable autonomous navigation, object detection, real-time inference, and SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping).


2. EU Developing Next-Generation Counter-UAS Systems

EU Developing Next-Generation Counter-UAS Systems

Indra has confirmed that it is a key participant in the JEY-CUAS project, aiming to develop the next generation of anti-drone systems that will secure the continent’s defense and ensure the operational capacity of its armies.

The company is part of the core group heading the project, led by Leonardo and has fostered by the EU through the European Defence Industrial Development Program (EDIDP).

Companies and research centers from all over the continent have joined forces to set out the different technologies to be used by the future generation of anti-drone systems, evolving towards increasingly specialized solutions specific to the environment in which they will be used. The most effective solutions will be those capable of integrating the largest number of detection and neutralization technologies.


3. Gas Detection and the Xer X8 UAS

Gas Detection and the Xer X8 UAS

Xer Technologies X8 UAS is the company’s state-of-the-art drone platform, designed for efficient gas leak detection over large areas to improve environmental accountability. The challenges of cutting greenhouse gas emissions worldwide and enhancing safety in the oil and gas industry is made far easier when aerial gas detection utilised.

The Xer X8 UAS is equipped with advanced gas detection sensors, like Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) cameras or Tuneable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS) gas detectors, and as a result is a crucial and efficient solution for identifying and quantifying gas emissions.


4. Controller Updated with Moulded Carbon Fiber Casing

Controller Updated with Moulded Carbon Fiber Casing

Acecore, after five years of positive reception and a period of development and testing, has released a new and updated version of their controller — the Acecore George. The new George includes a 3D-moulded carbon fiber casing, which is a big improvement in terms of ergonomics. The kill-switch cover is still present on the new George. 

What is different are the joystick gaskets, to prevent dust and especially water from getting in the crucial compartments of a controller. It now has quick-release harness attachments, a tripod mount, and a tablet mount for the option of a second screen.


5. New Intel-Powered AI Inference System Launched

New Intel-Powered AI Inference System Launched

Advantech has released the AIR-150, a compact edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) inference system powered by 13th Gen Intel® Core™ Mobile processors. 

Despite its small size, this processor from a leading provider of AIoT platforms and services packs a punch, with 26 TOPS of AI computing power courtesy of the Hailo-8 AI accelerator. 

The AIR-150 also doesn’t compromise on connectivity, offering application-centric I/Os while facilitating seamless expansion and connectivity. Its wide operating temperature range of -20 to 60°C and compliance with Heavy Industry IEC standards ensure robust performance in industrial environments. 


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