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Controller Updated with Moulded Carbon Fiber Casing

The Acecore George controller has received an upgrade, including increased protection for the joystick gaskets, a 3D-moulded carbon fiber casing, and V-lock batteries By Abi Wylie / 31 May 2024
Controller Updated with Moulded Carbon Fiber Casing
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Acecore, after five years of positive reception and a period of development and testing, has released a new and updated version of their controller — the Acecore George.

The new George includes a 3D-moulded carbon fiber casing, which is a big improvement in terms of ergonomics. The kill-switch cover is still present on the new George. 

What is different are the joystick gaskets, to prevent dust and especially water from getting in the crucial compartments of a controller. It now has quick-release harness attachments, a tripod mount, and a tablet mount for the option of a second screen.

Same as the previous George, the main goal is to extend the battery life of the controller. However, the updated product now uses V-lock batteries – making the controller extremely universal for all V-lock batteries. 

This makes the batteries hot-swappable, enabling the users to use the batteries they already have, or choose how big of a battery is required. Another advantage of these batteries is that they are 50Wh and airplane-approved.

The controller also have active cooling, fitted with mesh ventilation vents on the rear, letting the fans push out the hot air. This prevents overheating and makes sure customers can operate their drone without problems in all climates.

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