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Enhanced Firmware Released for Hargrave Drone Motor Controllers

New features include a drive mode for constant-speed applications, and support for configuration over DroneCAN By Mike Ball / 06 Jun 2024
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Hargrave Technologies has released Version 2.0 of the firmware for the company’s UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) motor controllers, using the GateKEEPER platform to deploy this update across the entire product range.

Compact IP67-rated ESC

The new firmware release provides a number of new and improved features, including:

Speed Control/Governor Mode

This new drive mode sets the motor to spin at a target mechanical speed, and throttle percentages are used to scale this setpoint linearly between minimum and maximum RPM settings. It is ideal for constant-speed applications such as unmanned helicopters or variable-pitch propellers. The new RPM mode is configurable with the following settings:

  • RPM Mode Maximum – The maximum RPM to utilise with the RPM drive mode.
  • RPM Mode Minimum – The minimum RPM to utilise with the RPM drive mode.
  • Soft Start Ramp Time – Soft start rate to utilise when starting a motor. This is typically used with geared setups.
RPM and throttle percentage graphs

Hargrave Configurator Support over DroneCAN

The Hargrave Configurator tool can now change settings and apply presets through DroneCAN devices (e.g. CubeOrange), making it easier than ever to customise your ESCs (electronic speed controllers) while installed in your vehicle.

DroneCAN Variable Bitrate Support

Support for a selectable CAN bitrate is now available. This feature enables users to select from a list of commonly used bitrates if they use a different bitrate to the microDRIVE LP’s default 1Mbps across their CAN bus. The selectable bitrates are: 1Mbps, 800Kbps, 500Kbps, 250Kbps, 125Kbps.

Upgraded Propeller Parking

The propeller parking strength setting has been split into two:

  • Propeller Turning Strength
  • Propeller Stopping Strength

This split in the settings will allow users to tune the settings separately for finer control across the wider system.

Parking speed is now changed to reflect a mechanical RPM value. This will make the setting much easier to control in real world scenarios.

For more information about Hargrave Technologies’ drone motor controllers and the GateKEEPER platform, visit their website here.

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