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Aerobits Announces Price Reduction on Remote ID Modules

A significant price reduction by Aerobits makes it easier than ever to equip drones with advanced identification technology By Sarah Simpson / 22 May 2024
Aerobits Announces Price Reduction on Remote ID Modules
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Aerobits a leading developer of miniature transponders and avionics systems for drones and unmanned systems, has announced a major price drop on its idME Remote ID modules. The new pricing is as follows:

  • idME: €79
  • idME+: €89
  • idME Pro: €99

Ensuring drone operations are compliant with the latest Remote ID requirements, Aerobits provide a range of options to suit a range of requirements and budgets.

idME: Affordable and Reliable

idME remote id & tracking

The idME module, priced at just €79, uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology and is approved by the FAA. Developed in response to ASTM International’s UAS Remote ID Standard (F3411 − 19), the idME provides essential surveillance and drone operator identification capabilities. It connects easily to Pixhawk controllers via a JST connector and can operate fully with GPS data obtained through the MAVLink protocol. Its small size and low power consumption make it perfect for even the smallest drones.

idME+: Advanced Features for Experienced Users

idME+ Drone Remote ID with Integrated GNSS

For just €10 more, the idME+ module offers additional features, including a high-quality multi-GNSS receiver and a barometric altitude sensor. This module operates independently of the autopilot once equipped with GNSS, requiring only a power connection. It also supports BLE broadcast technology for identification via mobile devices and is designed to meet ASTM/ASD-STAN standards for remote drone identification. The idME+ is compact and energy-efficient, ideal for ultra-lightweight drones.

idME Pro: Professional-Grade Solution

idME PRO – Drone Remote ID

At €99, the idME Pro module is designed for professional use, incorporating both Wi-Fi and BLE technology. It supports modern mobile devices for surveillance and identification and can be connected to Pixhawk controllers. Optional GNSS receiver and antenna enhance its capabilities. The idME Pro is compliant with the latest ASTM and ASD-STAN Remote ID standards, ensuring comprehensive identification and tracking with a low size, weight, and power (SWaP) footprint.

Key Features Across All Modules:

  • BLE technology for mobile device compatibility
  • Easy connection to Pixhawk controllers via JST connectors
  • AT commands for configuring broadcast messages (e.g., drone ID number, aircraft type)
  • Low power consumption and compact design suitable for small drones
  • Compliance with FAA regulatory standards
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