Discover Ophir’s Cutting-Edge IR Optics at DSEI & ADEX

Experience Ophir's innovative, combat-ready IR optics firsthand at DSEI in London, September 12-15, Booth H1-434, and at ADEX in Seoul, October 17-20, Booth C355 By Sarah Simpson / 05 Sep 2023
Discover Ophir's Cutting-Edge IR Optics at DSEI & ADEX
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Ophir Optronics Solutions, an MKS Company, will be showcasing the latest combat-ready IR optics at DSEI London, and ADEX Seoul, including custom OEM optical components, 1-FOV IR lenses, and complex award-winning continuous zoom lenses, for airborne, security and surveillance observation systems and C-UAS applications.

Consistently delivering unique designs for air-land and naval defense applications, Ophir will be giving live infrared thermal imaging demonstrations over a 4-meter-high screen, highlighting the exceptional performance of the Ophir continuous zoom lens.

Products featured include:

  • INTRODUCING: FoldIR™ 30-450mm f/3.4 long-range, folded optics continuous zoom lens for small gimbals. With a detection range exceeding 20km, total weight of 2kg, HFOV of 26.9°(WFOV) and 1.7°(NFOV) for SXGA 10μm detectors, the lens features a unique aperture of f/3.4 to ensure the highest diffraction limit MTF, providing superior image quality.
  • Long-range IR lenses for security, surveillance and C-UAS SupIR 60-1200mm f/4 and SupIR 80-1200mm f/5.5 compatible with 10µm SXGA/ HD and 15µm VGA IR detectors. These lenses enable accurate LOS and focus through the entire zoom range, detection range exceeds 28km, making them ideal for long-range observation & C-UAS systems.
  • Low-SWaP IR lenses: These state-of-the-art lightweight, compact, high-performance lenses are designed for both cooled and uncooled IR cameras. These lenses are ideal for UAV/UAS and HHTI systems.
  • MWIR lenses for security & surveillance: IR lenses for 10μm SXGA cooled MWIR f/4 and IR lenses for 15μm VGA MWIR f/5.5. The continuous zoom lenses boast MTF close to the diffraction limit, ruggedized design for extreme environmental conditions, and DRI ranges. Specifically designed for security and surveillance ground applications, including long-range surveillance systems, border control and C-UAS systems.
  • IR High precision optical components & large mirrors for multiple defense electro-optical systems including multi-spectral addressing build-to-print requirements, and ensuring top-notch quality and performance.

Participants can witness firsthand the unparalleled imaging capabilities that set Ophir products apart:

  • DSEI Expo in London – Booth H1-434, September 12th-15th 2023
  • ADEX Defense Expo in Seoul – Booth C355, October 17th-20th 2023

A trusted partner and optics supplier for the most forward-thinking defense and security companies worldwide, Ophir operates a US ITAR-certified European site located in Bucharest, Romania, a NATO member country.

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