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Trakka and DroneShield Announce Counter-UAS System

Trakka Systems has partnered with DroneShield and produced the TIPS-C, an overt early detect and neutralizing counter-solution to the UAS hazard By Abi Wylie / 08 Jan 2021
Trakka and DroneShield Announce Counter-UAS System
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Trakka Systems has announced its partnership with DroneShield, with the aim to better serve the C4ISR, inspection, UAS and C-UAS marketplaces. 

Combining the companies’ collective detection and situational awareness expertise has produced a total solution package: the TIPS-C (Trakka Interceptor Package Solution), a Trakka product enhanced by collaborative DroneShield solutions.

The TIPS-C, mounted on a mobile platform, provides a covert early detect and neutralizing counter-solution to the ever-present UAS hazard. 

Trakka and DroneShield Announce Counter-UAS System

Trakka’s new partner DroneShield has provided the DroneSentry-C2 Command and Control software platform, integrating a common operating picture for drone detection and tracking within the immediate airspace, as well as providing an extensive reporting suite. 

The TIPS-C utilizes and enhances Trakka’s TrakkaCam and DroneShield’s RadarZero sensors and DroneOptIDTM optical AI/ML software, effectively combined to create an exceptional joint-capability drone detection and tracking system, with slew-to-cue camera operations for visual threat assessment and video evidence recording.

With each component seamlessly integrated, the TIPS-C is sophisticatedly capable in detecting, identifying, and automatically tracking drones of any size while dismissing moving objects. This one-of-a-kind capability all but eliminates the false positives that challenge other systems, saving valuable time amid imminent threats.

The strategic partnership of Trakka Systems and DroneShield to create the TIPS-C aims to provide an expert suite of low risk, seamlessly integrated UAS detection and mapping solutions that are flexible, aware, reliable, and economical.

For the TIPS-C premiere demonstration, an executive team from Trakka Systems and DroneShield met with the Tampa Police Department Special Operations Division’s Chief Pilot and five members of the TPD Special Ops Groups, plus a Technical Liaison to the FBI at the Tampa Police Training Facility in Florida.

The TIPS-C trial was successful. Additional feedback from the company’s partners and customers lauded its capabilities and magnitude:

“The TIPS-C is the only solution that demonstrated the capability of detection, identification, and neutralization with the ability to record UAS incidents for evidence collection.”

“All law enforcement needs this capability, as the UAS problem is not going away any time soon.”

“This system is the best I’ve ever seen, and I look forward to readily recommending it to the Customs and Border Protection Agency, who could benefit greatly from its unique and highly effective capabilities.”

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