ParaZero Announces New Parachute Recovery System for Drones

By Mike Ball / 16 Mar 2016
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ParaZero Parachute Recovery SystemParaZero, a developer of safety solutions for drones, has announced SafeAir, a safety system that includes an automatic parachute recovery system for UAVs that will not only protect and prevent injury to people and assets on the ground, but will also allow operators to protect expensive drone hardware.

“It’s clear that drones are set to play a major role in our future, whether they are used as aerial cameras, rapid delivery systems, or for private enjoyment. In light of this, ensuring that these devices are operated safely and protecting individuals and property on the ground is paramount,” said Eden Attias, CEO of ParaZero. “Our system provides a reliable solution for the industry, just like an airbag, that acts automatically, whether there is a critical malfunction or a loss of power. Most importantly, our system works rapidly and at very low altitudes ensuring maximum effectiveness.”

The ParaZero’s SafeAir recovery system includes a patented pyrotechnic parachute launcher, independent triggering, as well as other safety solutions for payload protection. Advantages of this new system include:

Extremely Low Effective Altitude – ParaZero is using a customised pyrotechnic device that actively deploys the parachute to its full formation, in a fraction of a second. This technology protects aerial systems of all shapes and sizes.

Automatic Triggering paired with Advanced Pyrotechnic Deployment – ParaZero leverages a highly reliable, complete stand-alone auto deployment system that does not rely on a drone’s systems and sensors. Thus, in case of a loss of power or control, breach flight envelope limits, penetration of GEO fencing, and other emergencies, the auto deployment system independently detects and automatically deploys the parachute.

Lightweight – ParaZero’s recovery systems are made from composite lightweight materials.

Custom Design – Each system is custom made and embedded to fit the platform design, specs, and appearance of the aerial system. The safety solution can also be an independent add on, or dull integrated, according to the needs of the customers.

ParaZero has already partnered with leading manufacturers in the limited initial deployment of its system. Current users include Martin Jetpacks, DJI, as well as the Solo drone, produced by 3D Robotics. The company creates systems to meet the unique requirements of drone manufacturers, tailoring each system to the specific demands of each drone system.

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