Flight Eye Aviation Cameras by Kappa Optronics

By KAPPA OPTRONICS / 12 Apr 2021

In these videos Kappa Optronics highlight their Flight Eye aviation cameras for UAVs.

Kappa’s Flight Eye camera family offer complete, high-performance, certification-ready aviation cameras for UAV, VTOL, UAM (Urban Air Mobility), drones, fighter aircraft and also on NASA research rockets (Space Eye version). Benefits of the Flight Eye include:

  • various shapes and FoV,
  • ITAR-free,
  • SWaP-C optimized,
  • COTS,
  • modular design,
  • (dual) H.264 onboard,
  • analog and digital versions,
  • recording, day & night vision,
  • CMOS, LWIR, zero-latency real-time video.

Typical applications and tasks of Kappa aviation cameras are e.g., FTI, crash recording, piloting, targeting, surveillance, search & rescue, situational awareness, sense & avoid, bird view, down view & surround view, HALE, MALE, tactical, HUD pilot’s view.

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