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The History & Methods of Terrestrial Navigation

Tualcom has developed the TRNAV system in response to the deficiencies of GNSS based navigation, providing accurate and reliable positioning information in challenging environments Feature Article by Tualcom
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Tualcom explores terrestrial navigation, looking at its history, various methods, and the role of timing systems and the company’s TRNAV in enhancing navigational accuracy.

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GNSS technology has revolutionized navigation, providing instant, precise position data at our fingertips. However, reliance on GNSS can be a double-edged sword.

In areas with poor signal reception or during technological failures, or due to intentional jamming and spoofing, GNSS systems can prove unreliable. These vulnerabilities pose serious risks to critical infrastructure and navigation safety, especially in military and aviation contexts. This is where terrestrial navigation techniques come into play.

Mastering these skills allows for navigation, independent of GNSS, ensuring safety and direction in all circumstances. In essence, terrestrial navigation techniques provide a robust backup, enhancing resilience in the face of technological uncertainties.

In response to the deficiencies of GNSS-based navigation, Tualcom developed the TRNAV system, which represents a significant advancement in terrestrial navigation and timing systems playing a pivotal role in navigation. TRNAV terminals allow for precise measurements distance, enhancing navigational accuracy.

The full article covers:

  • History of Terrestrial Navigation
  • Core Terrestrial Navigation Techniques
  • An in-depth look at the TRNAV system

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