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TUALCOM Introduces Assured PNT Solution TRNAV at Eurosatory 2024

TUALCOM is showcasing TRNAV, the company’s advanced terrestrial navigation solution designed to operate with or without a GNSS connection, at Eurosatory in Paris, Hall 5B, Stand B203 By Sarah Simpson / 18 Jun 2024
TUALCOM Introduces Assured PNT Solution TRNAV at Eurosatory 2024
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TUALCOM, a leader in innovative navigation and communication solutions, is introducing TeRrestrial NAVigation (TRNAV), at the Eurosatory 2024 exhibition in Paris, France, from June 17th to 21st.

Designed to operate both with and without a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) connection, the versatile TRNAV solution is ideal for applications where GNSS is compromised or unavailable.

Key Features of TRNAV:

  • Independent Operation from GNSS: TRNAV sets up a robust mesh network of ground stations that can operate independently of GNSS by utilizing precise pre-established locations or by connecting to GNSS when available.
  • High Accuracy and Stability: The system maintains remarkable location accuracy comparable to GNSS by connecting to at least three ground stations. Its highly synchronized timing system ensures only a minimal drift of 10ns over a week without GNSS.
  • Instantaneous Network Recalibration: The re-synchronization capability allows the entire network to be updated instantly when just one station reconnects to a GNSS satellite, maintaining high precision across all platforms.
  • Mobile Station Integration: TRNAV supports the integration of mobile stations, enhancing network flexibility and range, with the potential to cover distances up to 250km under ideal conditions.
  • Multi-Purpose Communication Channel: Beyond positioning, TRNAV offers a high-bandwidth communication channel for various data types, providing extensive communication capabilities within the established network.
  • Enhanced Security and Resilience: The system employs AES-256 encryption and advanced waveform technologies, including DSSS/FHSS, ensuring robust and secure operations even in challenging environments.

Assured PNT in a GNSS-Challenged World

As GNSS integrity and availability face increasing threats, TRNAV provides a reliable and resilient alternative for assured Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT). Whether in defense, emergency response, or critical infrastructure, TRNAV’s adaptable architecture ensures seamless and secure navigation and communication.

Join TUALCOM at Eurosatory 2024 to learn more about the capabilities of TRNAV and how it is set to transform terrestrial navigation. TUALCOM’s experts will be available at Hall 5B, Stand B203, to demonstrate the system’s features and discuss its applications across various sectors.

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