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Nanomotion’s Advanced Gimbal Technology

Nanomotion's gimbal system introduces a rotational motion mechanism, 2-axis gimbal control over azimuth (yaw) and elevation (pitch) is enabled by the company's piezoelectric motors Feature Article by Nanomotion
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In the rapidly evolving world of motion control systems, Nanomotion leads in motion control with advanced gimbal technology.

Nanomotion’s Gimbal Axis Use and TechnologyNanomotion’s article, “unmatched precision: Nanomotion’s gimbal axis use and technology”, focuses on the company’s advanced gimbals. 

Designed to redefine precision and stability, Nanomotion’s gimbal system introduces a groundbreaking rotational motion mechanism. 2-axis gimbal control over azimuth (yaw) and elevation (pitch) is enabled by the company’s proprietary piezoelectric motors.

This advanced control system with piezoelectric motors provides fast, accurate, stabilized motion, setting new gimbal industry standards.

Nanomotion’s advanced gimbal technology marks a significant milestone in the quest for perfect motion control. Its impressive stabilization performance, along with optimized SWAP characteristics, not only produces smooth, crystal-clear imagery but also enhances operational efficiency across diverse settings.

Read the full article on Nanomotion’s website and find out more about the company’s gimbals.

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