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DVR System Supports Robotic Vessels for Subsea Inspections

SubC Imaging has released a case study discussing the effectiveness of its Digital Video Recorder (DVR) system for Ocean Infinity’s robotic vessels, providing a robust and adaptable video system to enhance subsea inspections Feature Article by SubC Imaging
DVR System Supports Robotic Vessels for Subsea Inspections
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In a new case study, SubC Imaging has expanded on its role within Ocean Infinity‘s project to enhance offshore inspection capabilities, supplying its Digital Video Recorder (DVR) system to support the robotic vessels’ data collection efforts.

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Ocean Infinity’s objective was to utilize remote robotic vessels to conduct subsea inspections, significantly reducing the need for human presence offshore and moving surveyors to onshore locations.

The company needed a DVR system capable of integrating with their new class of robot vessels. The system needed to be versatile, robust, and capable of supporting advanced features like virtual-machine compatibility, multi-camera inputs, overlays, and compatibility with Aize’s Coabis and Integrity Elements for comprehensive asset integrity management.

Requiring a seamless integration of technology that could support the high demands of remote, automated data collection, SubC Imaging responded to Ocean Infinity’s requirements with its DVR with Overlay (DVR+O). This system was designed to be highly adaptable, meeting all of Ocean Infinity’s key requirements by offering:

  • Virtual Machine Environment Compatibility
  • Multi-Camera Input and Overlay Capability
  • Software & Control System Integration
  • Speedy Implementation

The implementation of SubC’s DVR+O system significantly advanced Ocean Infinity’s capabilities in conducting offshore inspections with robotic vessels. The technological integration yielded several key outcomes, including enhanced safety and efficiency. The transition to robotic vessels, bolstered by SubC’s innovative technology, notably reduced the need for human presence offshore, consequently enhancing safety protocols and operational efficiency.

In the full article, SubC Imaging details the process of delivering its DVR system, and how it supported Ocean Infinity’s project goals, covering:

  • The Challenge & Key Requirements
  • The Solution
  • The Impact
  • Conclusion

Read the full case study here >>

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