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HydroBoat 1500 USV Versatile USV for underwater topographic survey
HydroBoat 1500 USV

Versatile USV for underwater topographic survey

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HydroBoat 1500 USV

The HydroBoat 1500 is a versatile USV driven by four powerful thrusters and designed to carry out underwater topographic surveys of lakes, rivers, reservoirs and other bodies of water. With a payload capacity of 60 kg, it is ideal for equipping with the SatLab HydroBeam M4 portable multibeam echosounder, as well as a variety of other payloads such as side scan sonars and ADCPs.

The robust vessel is IP67-rated for maximum durability, and includes a millimeter-wave radar and 360° omnidirectional camera for accurate obstacle detection and safe navigation. It is equipped with a dual RF and 4G cellular communications system, allowing it to be operated at effectively unlimited range.


Dimensions (L x W x H) Monohull: 1528 x 694 x 494 mm
Trimaran: 1528 x 1034 x 494 mm
Weight 40 kg (no battery)
Max Payload 60 kg
Max Speed 5.7 m/s
Endurance 4.5 hrs @ 1.5 m/s with two batteries
(vessel can take up to six batteries)
GNSS Performance RTK positioning accuracy: H ±8mm + 1 ppm RMS, V ±15mm + 1 ppm RMS
Heading accuracy: 0.2° @1m baseline
INS Accuracy: 2.1°/h, <1m/20s