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Drone Inspection Software for Digital 3D Mapping & Point Cloud Modeling

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gNext Labs
Drone Inspection Software for Digital 3D Mapping & Point Cloud Modeling
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gNext Labs develops a powerful inspection software analytics platform for professional UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) surveying, mapping, and modeling applications.

Our artificial intelligence and computer vision software converts drone-captured video and imagery into high-accuracy 3D models, providing mission-critical insights and enabling faster and more effective inspections.

gNext Drone Inspection Software

3D mapping & modeling point cloud software for efficient inspection visualization

The gNext SaaS platform allows users to revolutionize their inspection workflows and spend less time on site, providing massive labor and time savings compared to traditional methods. The highly automated AI-powered approach also improves safety for workers and catches cracks and defects that are often missed by manual inspection.

The state-of-the-art digital mapping software allows you to visualize drone captured data as 3D models, point clouds, digital elevation models (DEM), plan views or meshes.

Videos can be easily uploaded, streamed, edited, and annotated, and the entire process is performed through a web browser with no need for additional downloads.

Asset Inspection Software

Powerful tools for faster and more detailed asset inspection

gNext provides a wide range of versatile and powerful analysis tools, allowing you to calculate volumes, measure distances and grades, visualize changes over time, and more. Comprehensive reports can be generated in a few clicks and delivered to your team instantly. We add new features to the platform on a regular basis and provide expert support and project assistance.

The cloud-based platform features secure storage and end-to-end encryption that keeps your data safe. Team members can work and collaborate remotely from anywhere, and projects can be easily shared with clients and stakeholders to keep everyone informed and everything on track.

gNext is ideal for a wide range of industries, including:

infrastructure inspection

Infrastructure & Asset Inspections

gNext allows drone inspection teams to utilize high-accuracy digital models for faster and more effective documenting, assessing and monitoring of a huge variety of infrastructure assets. AI-powered analytics enable easy identification of features of interest and associated defects, while significantly reducing risk to personnel and time in the field.

Building inspection software

Buildings & Property Inspections for Insurance

3D models and drone-gathering video and imagery are ideal for providing information to brokers, underwriters, claims adjusters and reinsurers on the condition and surroundings of properties of interest. This information can be viewed remotely to provide crucial evidence for verification of claims without putting people at risk or shutting down facilities.

Construction inspection software

Construction Site Inspections

The gNext platform provides construction professionals with actionable and insightful data to help projects stay on track and on budget. Project plans, BIM models and drone-captured data can be combined for ‘as built’ comparisons and monitoring change over time, and powerful reports can be quickly generated to keep team members and stakeholders in the loop.

Digital mapping software

Mining & Quarrying

gNext can be used to create digital maps and models of mines and quarries to support decision making at every level, maximizing safety and well as cost-effectiveness. Advanced analytics features allow you to monitor inventory, analyze haul road conditions, plan blasting, and more.

drone surveying software

Surveying Projects

Survey professionals can use gNext to quickly and easily convert drone-gathered data into detailed and accurate maps, providing the ability to safely visualize areas and identify danger zones without needing to be onsite. Versatile and powerful software tools allow you to calculate acreage, square footage, property depth and width, elevations, volumetric measurements and more.

Rail Inspection software

Railway Inspections

With gNext’s accurate 3D and point-cloud models, rail and bridge infrastructure can be assessed and monitored quicker and more efficiently, with AI-powered automated assistance for identifying critical features and defects.

point cloud software

Waste Management

High-quality 3D point clouds and models can be used for more effective management of landfill sites, allowing users to thoroughly understand site conditions, implement safety and environmental protection measures, and plan for site extension.

Meet with gNext Lab at shows this year

  • GeoWeek – Feb 13-15 2023. Denver, Colorado
  • AUVIS – May 8-11, 2023. Denver, Colorado
  • SHASTO – Aug 5-9, 2023. Mobile, Alabama.
  • Comm UAV – Sept 5-7, 2023. Las Vegas
  • IHEEP – Oct 1-5, 2023. Salt Lake City, UT
  • RCN – Oct 17-19. Boise, ID
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