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Underwater Lasers Now FDA Compliant

SubC Imaging’s MantaRay Mk2 Parallel Lasers, designed for ROV and subsea systems, and Skate Mk2 Laser, designed for precision subsea applications, are now FDA compliant, By Abi Wylie / 18 Jun 2024
Underwater Lasers Now FDA Compliant
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SubC Imaging’s MantaRay Mk2 Parallel Lasers and Skate Mk2 Laser are now FDA compliant, enabling the shipment of these cutting-edge subsea lasers to the USA. 

While this milestone was achieved last year, SubC Imaging is now sharing this significant achievement with its customers and stakeholders.

The MantaRay Mk2 Parallel Lasers are designed specifically for ROV and subsea systems, offering a dependable and reliable reference unit with a lifespan (MTBF) of at least 40,000 hours. These lasers project two parallel beams that appear as green dots in images. 

These dots serve a dual purpose: they provide highly accurate distance and scale measurements of submerged objects while leveraging the advantageous properties of green light. As the wavelength is least absorbed by water, green light offers superior penetration compared to other colors, enhancing the precision and reliability of our underwater assessments. 

With its lightweight construction and easy integration with subsea cameras, this Class 3R laser product is an essential tool for various subsea applications, including pipeline inspections and marine research.

The Skate Mk2 Laser, classified as a Class 3R laser product, is designed for precision subsea applications that require high-quality image references, such as 3D modeling, machine vision, pipeline inspections, and marine species measurements. 

Available in various patterns and beam angles, including solid line beam or dotted grid pattern, the Skate Laser offers versatility and accuracy for a wide range of subsea applications.

“FDA compliance is a testament to the safety, reliability, and performance of SubC Imaging’s subsea lasers. It truly reflects our commitment to providing top-notch imaging solutions that not only meet strict regulatory standards but also exceed our customers’ expectations,” shared Brent Lackey, Engineer Manager, P. Eng.

He continued; “Without FDA compliance, lasers aren’t qualified for shipping within the United States. Many in our industry may not realize the significance of meeting these standards for subsea lasers, but at SubC, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety is paramount.”

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