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Imaging Technology Powers Drop Camera Systems

SubC Imaging’s Rayon camera and DVR technology has been integrated into drop camera systems from Ashtead Technology, providing clarity & reliability in demanding subsea environments By Abi Wylie / 28 Jun 2024
Imaging Technology Powers Drop Camera Systems
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SubC Imaging’s advanced technology has been integrated into two drop camera systems from Ashtead Technology, a leading subsea equipment rental provider for the global offshore energy sector. 

These systems highlight the impressive capabilities of SubC’s Rayfin camera and DVR technology, setting new benchmarks for underwater visual inspection.

Cutting Edge Imaging Technology

The latest camera innovations from SubC Imaging are at the core of Ashtead Technology’s Standard and Mini Drop Camera Systems. Known for delivering high-resolution underwater imagery, SubC’s Rayfin camera and DVR technology provide unparalleled clarity and reliability in the most demanding underwater environments. 

Ashtead’s Standard Drop Camera System streams uninterrupted real-time HD 1080p video and captures 12.3MP still images and 4K video, making it ideal for detailed seabed inspections at depths up to 4000m.

The Mini Drop Camera System, featuring SubC’s new Rayfin Micro 500m camera, delivers high-resolution HD 1080p video and 12.3MP still images, perfectly suited for inshore and inland surveys.

Versatile Subsea Applications

SubC Imaging technology in these drop camera systems supports a wide range of underwater applications, including seabed environmental surveys, pipeline and cable route inspections, and scientific research. The flexible solutions cater to both deep-water and shallow-water projects, ensuring precise and reliable data collection. 

The Standard Drop Camera System is designed for high-resolution seabed visual inspections, depth rated to 1000m with an optional upgrade to 4000m. It integrates SubC’s high-specification Rayfin camera and DVR+ Overlay, paired with Ashtead’s telemetry and control software for seamless operation. 

The Mini Drop Camera System, lightweight and portable, is perfect for quick deployments from small vessels. It integrates SubC’s Rayfin Micro 500m ROV Camera, offering a compact and versatile solution without compromising on image quality. 

Key features of this small but powerful camera include real-time transfer of digital stills with strobe sync and live Ethernet HD video topside, overlay, data logging, and image enhancement.

Chad Collett, CEO of SubC Imaging, commented; “We are thrilled to see our Rayfin camera and DVR technology incorporated into Ashtead Technology’s drop camera systems. For years, Ashtead Technology has been SubC Imaging’s trusted rental partner, providing access to our advanced imaging technology to clients worldwide. 

“They have played a crucial role in expanding the reach of SubC’s innovative solutions, ensuring that customers have access to cutting-edge equipment for their underwater imaging needs.”

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