Most Read Articles on UST This Week

Here’s our round-up of the five most read articles on this week By Abi Wylie / 10 May 2024
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Take a look at our round-up of the five most read articles on UST this week, including new technologies, partnerships, events, and industry successes.

1. New SELKIE Unmanned Surface Vessel Unveiled

New SELKIE Autonomous Surface Vessel Unveiled

Sea Machines Robotics has launched SELKIE, the latest innovation in unmanned surface vessels (USV), engineered to be the ideal full-solution USV for any task-driven workboat fleet operator. The first model, SELKIE 7, is a 7 meter USV powered by the company’s flagship SM300 Autonomous Command and Control system.

As the first turnkey autonomous vessel released by Sea Machines, SELKIE is poised to revolutionize industries ranging from hydrographic surveying, offshore asset inspection, and persistent on-water operations such as security and environmental studies.


2. Unique Drone Technology to Launch at SOF 2024

Unique Drone Technology to Launch at SOF 2024

Overwatch Group are launching their unique drone technology into the US market at SOF 2024. At the event, they are showcasing their latest development to potential customers privately.

Overwatch is a UK-based end-to-end design and manufacture company specialising in advanced unmanned system and munitions technologies, manufacturing a pioneering coaxial drone and associated payload technology. 

Their payload agnostic, low weight, high effect drone weapon systems are manportable providing protection through precision strike, thereby enabling operators to respond at pace to ever-evolving tactical requirements in the battlespace.


3. Tether System Revealed for the Vesper UAV

Tether System Revealed for the Vesper Micro UAV

Volarious, a company specializing in tethered drone solutions, and Vantage Robotics, Inc., have launched the V-Line Pro Vesper, a tethered drone system compatible with the Vesper micro UAV.

Presented at AUVSI’s 2024 Xponential tradeshow at the San Diego Convention Center, the V-Line Pro is designed to enhance the Vesper UAV and provide UAS operators with maximum situational awareness. Responding to the market demand for tethered systems compatible with blue UAS drones, Volarious has launched the V-Line Pro, initially featuring a 25-meter (82 feet) tethered line and a new backpackable DC-power tether station. 


4. GENIUS NY Program Finalist Ascent AeroSystems Achieves Important Milestone

GENIUS NY Program Cohort Ascent AeroSystems Achieves Important Milestone

Robinson Helicopter Company, a global leader in civilian rotorcraft, has acquired Ascent AeroSystems. Ascent participated in the first cohort of the GENIUS NY program and was awarded $600,000 for placing second during the 2017 event finals.

This acquisition marks an important milestone in Ascent’s growth trajectory. The acquisition of Ascent by Robinson Helicopter Company is the first of its kind for the program. It is an important signal of the impact the GENIUS NY’s program has on startups within the uncrewed systems industry ecosystem.


5. Data-Safe Drone Introduced by Upteko

Versatile Data-Safe Drone Introduced by Upteko

Recognizing the growing importance of data safety and customization, Danish drone company Upteko has entered the market with its flagship product, the LARK drone. Originally conceived for windmill inspection, the LARK drone has been developed to set a new standard for data security and versatility, and has quickly garnered attention for its data safety features and adaptability.

The LARK drone features robust data encryption mechanisms and a highly customizable design; engineered to meet the unique specifications of each customer, ensuring optimal performance and data safety in any scenario.


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