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Micro 500m ROV Camera Launched

SubC Imaging’s Rayfin Micro ROV camera maintains exceptional image quality for subsea inspections & surveys, despite its compact size and lightweight design at less than 500g in water By Abi Wylie / 05 Apr 2024
Micro 500m ROV Camera Launched
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SubC Imaging‘s lineup of high-performance underwater cameras has a new addition: the Rayfin Micro 500m ROV Camera

Despite its compact size and lightweight design, weighing less than 500g in water, the Rayfin Micro maintains exceptional image quality. The camera‘s small form factor allows for easy integration into any system, making it the perfect choice for observation class ROVs.

The Rayfin Micro offers comprehensive imaging capabilities for subsea inspections and surveys. It features real-time digital stills, HD video over Ethernet, annotation, and image enhancement features. 

Users can access images and videos instantly with no downloading required, ensuring efficient data retrieval. Crucial survey data is logged with precise date and time stamps, while GPS data embedded in EXIF facilitates geo-referenced images. 

With the ability to transfer digital stills in real-time topside and stream live HD video topside, users can capture essential data effortlessly. The camera’s low-latency performance and live image enhancement technology ensure clear visuals, even in challenging underwater environments, guaranteeing reliable and precise imaging for a variety of applications.

Rapid Digital Imaging (RDI) embedded technology is a key feature of this compact camera. Traditional video imagery can miss crucial details, but Rayfin RDI captures a series of high-resolution digital stills that can be zoomed in on to inspect the smallest detail or combined for a complete picture of the object being inspected.

The Rayfin Micro is fully customizable with optional upgrades, including SubC LEDs for strobe and additional lighting, lasers for precise measurements, and a DVR for multi-channel capability. Compatible with SubC’s Blackbox for added peace-of-mind, the Rayfin Micro seamlessly integrates with SubC’s Real-Time Streaming for live monitoring and remote inspections.

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