Shield AI & Sentient Partner for AI-Enabled Situational Awareness

The companies believe combining Sentient’s ViDAR with Shield AI’s Hivemind will provide the most advanced AI-piloted ISR sensor package in the world By Abi Wylie / 27 Oct 2023
Shield AI & Sentient Partner for AI-Enabled Situational Awareness
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Shield AI and Sentient Vision Systems (Sentient) have formed an AI technology collaboration, notably an LTA (Long Term Agreement) to supply Sentient’s ViDAR® solution on the V-BAT VTOL UAS.

Shield AI is an American defense technology company building the world’s best AI pilot, while Sentient is an Australia-based leader in AI-enabled real-time situational awareness to deliver a next generation wide area motion imagery (WAMI) solution.

Shield AI and Sentient previously announced the joint development and integration of a ViDAR-enabled, wide-area-search capability onto Shield AI’s V-BAT unmanned aircraft, which will enable Shield AI’s V-BAT to intelligently classify, track, and read-and-react to targets in dynamic missions. 

The companies believe combining ViDAR with Shield AI’s Hivemind will provide the most advanced AI-piloted ISR sensor package in the world.

ViDAR is Sentient’s AI system, which uses an Electro-Optic or Infrared (EO/IR) sensor to detect and classify targets in the imagery stream that would be invisible to a human operator or to a conventional radar. 

With these enhanced capabilities, V-BAT will be even more proficient in executing the most challenging missions, offering a level of capability that significantly bolsters threat deterrence, thereby reinforcing international peace and security.

“The supply contract is a multi-year, multi-units’ agreement, with first deliveries planned for 2024,” according to Sentient’s CEO Mark Palmer, who made the joint announcement with Brett Darcey, Shield AI’s Vice President of Product and Programs, at a reception attended by Australia’s PM Anthony Albanese, and hosted by US Vice President Kamala Harris in Washington, DC.

“The confirmation of our long-term relationship absolutely reflects the AI technology workstream that is underlined in the AUKUS Pillar 2,” explained Sentient’s newly appointed CEO, Mark Palmer. “Innovation stemmed from our computer vision AI-enabled ViDAR and Shield AI’s Hivemind will provide commanders with immediate situational awareness and survivability of our warfighters.”

“Our partnership with Sentient Vision marks a major advancement in AI-driven situational awareness. Integrating ViDAR with our V-BAT platform showcases our dedication to giving allied warfighters the best AI tools so they can achieve a clear strategic edge,” said Brandon Tseng, Shield AI’s President, Co-founder, and former U.S. Navy SEAL.

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