3D Forward Looking Sonar (FLS) for USV Navigation

FarSounder & NSSLGlobal Join Forces

NSSLGlobal expands product portfolio with FarSounder’s innovative 3D Forward Looking Sonar, including the recently released Argos 350 Forward Looking Sonar system which is ideal for USVs By Sarah Simpson / 19 Oct 2023
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FarSounder and NSSLGlobal Join Forces

FarSounder and NSSLGlobal have joined forces to introduce FarSounder’s Argos product line to their defense, commercial, and leisure clients.

These innovative Forward Looking Sonars (FLS) are used for safe navigation and obstacle avoidance. FarSounder’s technology is renowned in the cruise and leisure markets and is increasingly being adopted in both the Scientific/Exploration and Defence sectors, both of which are moving towards Unmanned Surface Vessels (USV).

Vessels are often operating in more challenging environments such as higher latitudes where there may be ice, poorly chartered areas, or austere ports. This unique patented technology paints a clear picture of what lies ahead underwater of the vessel, reducing the likelihood of collisions, which in turn prevents costly damage to property, the environment, and marine and human lives alike.

NSSLGlobal’s customers will benefit from FarSounder’s technology, which is the only product capable of generating a true, 3-dimensional image ahead of a vessel at navigationally significant ranges at each ping of the sonar. FarSounder’s most recent addition is the Argos 350 Forward Looking Sonar system which is the ideal solution for USVs and mid-sized vessels ranging from 18 – 40+ meters.

Paul Rutherford, Engineering Director of NSSLGlobal, announced, “We are excited to be working with FarSounder, this Argos technology will transform how our customers navigate having a real-time underwater picture ahead of the vessel which makes seafaring far safer and more efficient.”

Matthew Zimmerman, CEO of FarSounder, explained, “With the increasing interest in our technology across a variety of sectors, this new cooperation with NSSLGlobal will be pivotal in expanding our reach and delivering unprecedented navigation safety to new customers.”

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