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Urban-Rural Drone Delivery Project Launched in Germany

The Urban-Rural Drone Delivery project has been launched by Beyond Vision and Dronegy in Wusterhausen/Dosse, a community-driven effort to enhance rural local supply By Joe Macey / 10 Aug 2023
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Beyond Vision and Dronegy have partnered to launch the “Urban-Rural Drone Delivery” project in Wusterhausen/Dosse.

The project’s participatory approach involves collaboration with the community, with Beyond Vision’s drone technology playing a key role. 

Supported by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, this demonstration project focuses on bridging the gap between city markets and districts, and aims to ensure that both young and old residents can access life’s necessities quickly.

The Urban-Rural Drone Delivery project is focused on establishing a seamless transport network facilitated by drones, intending to promote connectivity.

Beyond Vision collaborated closely with the municipal administration of Wusterhausen/Dosse to strategically plan flight routes and landing sites.

Beyond Vision’s technology played a pivotal role in various aspects, including generating the operating concept, analyzing risks, and managing technical complexities. These contributions were said to have significantly fueled the success of urban-rural drone delivery.

According to Beyond Vision, the company’s agricultural drone technology, in collaboration with Dronegy, has been the driving force behind the venture. The company is continuing to streamline the drone transport network, extending not only to Wusterhausen/Dosse but also beyond, inspiring similar projects across Germany and the globe. The result has revolutionized access to vital resources for rural communities.

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