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Multirotor and Hybrid VTOL Commercial UAV Platforms & Aerial Target Drones

Woot Tech's drones incorporate sophisticated AI capabilities that utilize state-of-the-art computer vision to enable advanced autonomy and navigation By Mike Ball / 16 May 2023
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Woot Tech Aerospace is a leading UAS (unmanned aerial systems) manufacturer and an operator of industrial and commercial drone platforms for a wide variety of applications. UST is delighted to welcome Woot Tech on board as a supplier partner, and we will be highlighting their unique solutions and capabilities across our channels over the next 12 months.

We’ve just launched Woot Tech’s UST supplier profile, which has been written and built by our team in collaboration with the company. The Silver profile showcases their commercial UAV platforms and aerial target drones, which incorporate sophisticated in-house-developed artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities that utilize the state of the art in computer vision to enable advanced autonomy and navigation.

Read on to find out more:

Woot Tech’s commercial UAS include multirotor drones as well as advanced hybrid VTOL drones that combine the manoeuvrability of rotorcraft with the efficiency and long range of winged flight.

Their platforms include:

vtol mapping droneSurvair – Hybrid VTOL mapping, inspection & surveillance drone

  • Endurance of up to 120 minutes
  • Flight range of up to 100 km
  • Payload options include EO/IR systems, LiDAR & Sony photogrammetry cameras

commercial drones for deliveryPelican – Fixed-wing VTOL drone for critical healthcare cargo delivery

  • Environmentally-controlled payload bay for medicines & samples
  • 4G & 5G connectivity
  • 45 mins max endurance & 30 km max flight range

ISR security droneAlienX – VTOL drone for ISR & cargo delivery

  • All-electric or hybrid powertrain
  • 10 kg payload capacity
  • Flight range of up to 500 km

aerial survey droneSkyInspector – Quadcopter drone for inspection & surveillance

  • Foldable arms & propellers
  • Payload options include EO/IR systems, multispectral sensors & Sony photogrammetry cameras
  • 45 mins max endurance & 30 km max flight range

precision agriculture droneSkyBee – Multirotor precision agriculture drone for multispectral surveying

  • Payload options include RGB & thermal cameras, multispectral sensors, & FPV for inspection
  • Can be equipped with agricultural sprayer
  • Up to 20 mins flight endurance

Turbojet VTOL target droneWoot Tech’s aerial target drones include the Firebolt, a turbojet-powered VTOL platform for testing of air-to-air and surface-to-air weapons, and the Firefly, a gasoline engine-powered VTOL UAV designed for testing of missiles as well as 35-90mm cannons.

To find out more about Woot Tech Aerospace and their commercial UAVs and target drones, please visit their profile page:

To learn more, contact Woot Tech Aerospace: Visit Website Send Message View Supplier Profile
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