Miniature ADS-B Technology (Transceivers/Receivers) and Drone Tracking Transponders for sUAS & UTM/U-Space

SWaP-C Air Traffic Control Solutions for sUAS

Aerobits will launch new transponder and integrator products designed for sUAS to increase airspace safety and security By Sarah Simpson / 21 Mar 2022
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Aerobits will be releasing the Mode A/C/S transponder TR-10 and low power interrogator TR-10i available as a final solution at the turn of Q3 and Q4 2022.

The devices have been designed for use within a broad range of UAS in order to increase airspace safety. The TR-10 and TR-10i are low-power products (RF output 10 Watt) making them suitable for use on small unmanned aerial systems where separation of the telecommunication systems and antenna is difficult. Both products have been designed to meet ED-102A, ED-73F, ED-14G guidelines.

The solutions have been created to accelerate the integration of sUAS into the airspace. The operating range of the transponder TR-10 is approximately 25 kilometers, while the interrogator’s TR-10i operating range is about 10 kilometers.

Both devices will be available with the following options; the TR-10 with an external GNSS source that will extend squitter functionality and the TR-10i with ADS-B In. The USB Type-C connector allows quick configuration of both devices, and additional communication interfaces for simple integration.


T-10I - Aerobits

TR-10 Integrator

• Output power: 10W (1030MHz)
• Input sensitivity: -87dBm (1090MHz)
• Power supply: 9-36V
• Dimension: 53.5×43.5×18.0mm
• Weight: 60g
• ADS-B In (optional)

T-10 - Aerobits

TR-10 Transponder

• Output power: 10W (1090MHz)
• Input sensitivity: -72dBm (1030MHz)
• Power supply: 9-36V
• Dimension: 53.5×43.5×18.0mm
• Weight: 60g
• Extended squitter (optional)

A unique feature of the transponder TR-10 and interrogator TR-10i is that they are designed with SWaP-C in mind. Both units are smaller than currently available solutions giving these products the advantage for use within drones with smaller assembly area and low payload capability.

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