OxTS and Velodyne Webinar:

Why pair an INS with a 3D-LiDAR?
  • Webinar Type On Demand
  • Date July 29, 2020

Join Velodyne and OxTS for an insight into the relationship between the 3D-LiDAR sensor and Inertial Navigation System (INS).

With both technologies playing a vital role in the creation of 3D Pointclouds thanks to absolute position and orientation information paired with relative range information, we will examine why the two complement each other so well and how, by combining INS trajectory and LiDAR data intelligently, you can create a final output that is of the highest quality, for use in a wide variety of applications, time and again.

During the webinar you will learn:

  • Why the relationship between an INS and LiDAR is so crucial for your projects
  • Example applications of LiDAR and INS in use
  • Example LiDAR use cases
  • Why an IMU and GNSS working independently isn’t enough
  • How INS and LiDAR data is combined and the benefits you will realise
  • Tips on how to produce the most precise and smooth Pointclouds
  • Why a data-driven approach to boresighting is important
  • Example Case Study
  • Questions and Answers