Autonomous Mobile Robots: Scaling from Pilots to Fleets

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  • Hosted by RoboBusiness Direct
  • March 18, 2021, 13:00 (UTC)
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    Commercial class autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are widely available at this time for use in indoor environments, both as dedicated solutions for specific applications, and as “open”, customizable platforms designed to serve a variety of needs. These systems autonomously navigate operational environments while carrying some type of payload or sensor package suitable to their application.

    At this time, there exists a rapidly growing number of companies who have adopted autonomous mobile robots in their warehouses and distribution centers, where they have delivered real business value as an efficient, robust and flexible solution for many applications. Many of these firms deployed AMRs on a trial or project basis, and are now considering more strategic, scaled rollouts. For non-adopters, too, the issue of scaling AMRs from pilot projects to autonomous fleets is a key concern. In this RoboBusiness Direct roundtable discussion, attendees with learn from solutions providers and industry experts about critical AMR scaling challenges and solutions.

    Topics include:

    •    Integration with existing infrastructure
    •    Interoperation with existing automation processes
    •    Configuration and deployment
    •    Fleet management and pick optimization
    •    Safety, security and control
    •    Failover and intervention management
    •    Monitoring, auditing and analytics

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    Posted by Emma Wilden Connect & Contact