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Real-time Video for Aerial Surveillance

By Sightline Applications / 06 Jun 2023
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Showcasing SightLine tracking, detection, radiometric and AI classification software functions for aerial surveillance applications. Aerial surveillance tends to include tracking vehicles from the sky.

The ability to track vehicles at speed and through obstructions becomes very important. SightLine’s tracking software is reliable for tracking through obstructions, such as overpasses, shrubs and trees.

Aerial detection highlights vehicles and pedestrians, as small as 2×2 pixels. Radiometric color improves situational awareness, as shown by the wild boars running through heavy forestry.

SightLine’s AI Classifier has a model for vehicle or person – making it easier for an operator to identify what is happening in a scene.

Drones tracking in real-time can have lots of turns, making it hard to view a scene. SightLine’s roll correction software makes it easier for an operator to stay focused on a moving scene.

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