Arcturus JUMP™15 Fixed Wing VTOL UAV

Arcturus UAV’s JUMP™ is a vertical takeoff and landing system for the Arcturus T-20 and T-16 fixed wing UAVs.

Booms fitted with vertical lift motors and rotors are mounted to each wing to provide vertical lift for takeoff and landing. Vertical lift motors are shut off for winged flight and propellers are feathered longitudinally for minimum drag.

Seamless transition to winged flight is achieved by the Piccolo autopilot using Latitude Engineering’s Hybrid-Quadrotor technology, and all flight control is fully autonomous.

Arcturus JUMP™ enjoys all of the versatility of a quad rotor while retaining the superior range and endurance of a fixed wing. JUMP™ fitted Arcturus air vehicles require no special launch equipment and do not require runways for launch or landing. JUMP™ can be easily transported and operated by only two technicians, and once on site JUMP™ can be set up and ready for flight in less than 15 minutes.