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The use of Drones in Agriculture

Feature Article by Draganfly
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Draganfly takes a look at the use of drones in agriculture and how the pairing of UAS (unmanned aerial systems) hardware with visual, thermal, LIDAR, hyperspectral, and other sensors can create an analytics system that can be customized to suit any agricultural monitoring challenge.

The use of Drones in Agriculture

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Concerns around supply-chain efficiencies and the benefits of vertical integration are increasing within the agricultural sector, alongside the need for high-tech hardware solutions, software integration, and precise data.

With the proper hardware and sensor options, farmers can use unmanned aerial systems by Draganfly to monitor and analyze systems to assess inventory, manage fields, monitor how environmental factors impact crop yields and maximize production.

Drones make it possible to easily monetize agricultural data and improve production worldwide across the growing season. Solutions include:

  • Reduced costs of drone monitoring
  • Improve yields with efficient data analysis
  • Improved processing for efficient analysis
  • Long-range coverage for large farms
  • Irrigation and water management support

Applications include flood mapping, the creation of elevation models, field, soil and livestock management as well as the monitoring of crop health and growth stages.

Read the whitepaper, which includes a case study on orchard growth and driving higher yield with drones, here >> The Future of Drone Surveillance

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